Stories about: Disasters

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Philippines

    The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country made up of more than 7,000 islands in the Western Pacific. Because of its location in the Pacific Ring of Fire and being close to the equator, it’s prone to earthquakes, volcanoes and typhoons.

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Pakistan

    Pakistan is one of the least developed countries in Asia. Nearly a third of the population live below the international poverty line (less than $1.90 a day), while more than half lack secure access to sufficient food. Lack of basic clean water and sanitation facilities claims the lives of 250,000 children each year.

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  • Finding courage when so much has been lost

    The 25 April 2015 promised to be a good day for Samjana, because she had a day’s work lined up on a local farm. Although low paid, farming work was always welcome – if not always available. A day’s work might only bring in 300 rupees (about £2) but it was essential to help feed and clothe her three young children.

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  • Unity in the wake of disaster

    It’s not the wind or rain that causes the worst damage during a natural disaster. It’s not even the flying debris or swollen rivers that leave the biggest mark. It’s the realisation that life is never going to be the same again that causes the long-lasting damage.

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  • Unstoppable Love

    It’s hard to imagine suddenly losing one of your parents and your home. But this is what happened to young Sandip*, from a small village in western Nepal. In August 2014 the unthinkable happened: catastrophic flooding destroyed 3,000 homes, including Sandip’s. And the flood took something even more precious from him – his father.

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