Stories about: Floods

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  • South Asia floods, people wait for clinic

    South Asian floods two months later

    During the flooding in Bangladesh, Bibha’s house was washed away. With her family she managed to take shelter in a neighbouring house. Both she and her eldest daughter fell sick with a fever. With the roads destroyed around Kurigram she had no way to get to the health centre to get help. Bibha’s husband is a labourer, but during monsoon season he doesn’t have any work and the whole family has to survive on only one meal a day. Now their circumstances had become much worse.

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  • South Asia Floods

    The floods in Asia

    Jo Khinmaung-Moore, Tearfund’s Senior Policy Adviser on climate change and energy explains what’s happening in the flood-hit areas, why the flooding…

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  • Disaster response team looks at mudslide

    Sierra Leone Responding to the Recent Landslides

    Tearfund is currently working closely with its local partners in Sierra Leone to plan a response to this week’s deadly landslides, which have killed hundreds, possibly thousands of people.

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  • Pile of exercise books

    Book of Life

    The village in India that stopped trafficking in its tracks with the help of an exercise book. The problems began for Jorgam Vilage with the floods…

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  • Prayer update: Mozambique

    Picture the scene. A pregnant mother and her four children cling desperately to a tree trunk. Floodwaters surge around them, strong, rising all the time. A man, the father, struggles to get to his canoe to rescue them. This is the story of Jorge and Nina, caught up in the floods in Mozambique last year.

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  • Mozambique flooded

    A Tale of Two Floods

    Tear Times editor Peter Shaw paid a visit to flood ­hit communities in Mozambique to see what life is like after the floods…

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