Stories about: Self-help groups

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  • Aksa

    Seeds of hope for Aksa

    Aksa from rural Tanzania struggled to grow enough food to feed her children. Then she learned the secret of 'farming God's way'.

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  • A crowd of faces seen from above

    A Better Balance

    How the women of a village in rural Tanzania are changing their destinies and winning respect from the men.

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Tanzania

    Tanzania has vast natural resources, trades across Africa and sends peacekeepers to UN missions. And yet, 32 per cent of the population – more than 17 million people – live in extreme poverty...

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  • Fifty years, Fifty Countries: Rwanda

    Rwanda is still remembered for the terrible genocide of 1994, when the Hutu people slaughtered the Tutsi people with an estimated 800,000 deaths, that’s around 70 per cent of the Tutsi population...

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  • Marie sewing (credit: Aaron Koch/Tearfund)

    I put my hope in a bag

    Sometimes the best ideas – moments of genius – come when you least expect them. For Marie it came on a building site in Kigali, Rwanda. Marie’s…

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  • Close up of hand sewing using sewing machine


    When tragedy strikes her family, a young girl from Afghanistan has to leave home and take a job doing hard manual labour. When she is finally able to return, her family force her into marriage. These experiences leave her feeling helpless and afraid; yet the opportunity for restoration and redemption is closer than she thinks.

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