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  • In all things, give thanks

    Yolande lives in Bangui, the capital and largest city of the Central African Republic (CAR). Life has not been easy for Yolande. At 43 years old, she…

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  • Photo of Geena by Hazel Thompson

    Light in deep darkness

    When armed groups attacked her village in March 2016, Geena, a widowed mother of six, fled with her family into the surrounding bush. They cut down bamboo leaves for bedding and ate forest leaves and roots they dug up by hand.

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  • Special measures

    How a village in Peru pulled together and lifted their local school out of ‘special measures’ and into excellence. Yanelli is eight years old and lives in the village of Aylambo in Peru. She is smart, eager to learn and has big dreams. ‘I want to study a lot; when I grow up, I want to be a nurse... I will heal all the children in my community,’ she says.

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  • Children's hands writing

    Back to school

    Sadiki is a young woman who, like many others born into poverty in Egypt, did not receive an education. But after joining classes provided by a Tearfund partner, a whole new world was opened up to her. It was just in time, too: with her new skills, Sadiki was able to save her husband’s business from disaster.

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  • A Blackboard

    Inspired to teach again

    Charles Atwaru felt stressed and like a wasted resource, burnt out by his job as a teacher. But then his church began PEP, he was inspired to set up his own school and things have gone from strength to strength.

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  • Close up of hand sewing using sewing machine


    When tragedy strikes her family, a young girl from Afghanistan has to leave home and take a job doing hard manual labour. When she is finally able to return, her family force her into marriage. These experiences leave her feeling helpless and afraid; yet the opportunity for restoration and redemption is closer than she thinks.

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  • Group of children in Nepal

    Speaking out against exploitation

    The 2015 earthquake in Nepal left more than just rubble and debris in its wake. Those who had lost their homes were also left open to trafficking and abuse – especially children. However, using the power of education, a Tearfund partner is helping to protect the most vulnerable.

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