Stories about: Education

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  • Amen to #EachforEqual

    We are not created the same, but we are created equal. It’s one of Tearfund’s main beliefs – that each of us, made in the image of God, should have an equal opportunity to fulfill our God-given potential. This International Women's Day we're getting on board with saying #EachforEqual.

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  • Rocking the classroom

    How a group of teachers from the UK rocked a maths class in rural Zambia… with the help of Freddie Mercury and Queen. The challenges facing Zambian…

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  • Tita with two children

    Rebel with a cause

    Tita was always a rebel. Now, with God in charge, she’s a rebel with a cause. She’s dedicated her life to serving the children of Central America’s largest slum.

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  • Teacher at whiteboard

    Egypt: street smart

    Meet Noreen*, she’s learned a thing or two. You won’t get much past her these days... Over the past seven months, 18 women have been meeting together…

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  • Unstoppable Love

    It’s hard to imagine suddenly losing one of your parents and your home. But this is what happened to young Sandip*, from a small village in western Nepal. In August 2014 the unthinkable happened: catastrophic flooding destroyed 3,000 homes, including Sandip’s. And the flood took something even more precious from him – his father.

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  • Fifty years fifty countries: Cambodia

    Three million people in Cambodia live on less than £1.45 a day. The lack of education, skills and opportunity in rural communities in northwest Cambodia, where Kosal lives, forces many of them to seek work in Thailand.

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  • In all things, give thanks

    Yolande lives in Bangui, the capital and largest city of the Central African Republic (CAR). Life has not been easy for Yolande. At 43 years old, she…

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  • Photo of Geena by Hazel Thompson

    Light in deep darkness

    When armed groups attacked her village in March 2016, Geena, a widowed mother of six, fled with her family into the surrounding bush. They cut down bamboo leaves for bedding and ate forest leaves and roots they dug up by hand.

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