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  • Little girl cartoon

    A sketch in time

    How a Tearfund partner organisation in Myanmar got their nation talking about the future, with simple pen and ink drawings.

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  • Photo of Geena by Hazel Thompson

    Light in deep darkness

    When armed groups attacked her village in March 2016, Geena, a widowed mother of six, fled with her family into the surrounding bush. They cut down bamboo leaves for bedding and ate forest leaves and roots they dug up by hand.

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  • The village in the heart of the Himalayas

    When in Nepal...

    Everyone dreams of a better life, but how do you build one when you live high up in the Himalayas, hours away from larger towns? Alastair Seaman is…

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  • Special measures

    How a village in Peru pulled together and lifted their local school out of ‘special measures’ and into excellence. Yanelli is eight years old and lives in the village of Aylambo in Peru. She is smart, eager to learn and has big dreams. ‘I want to study a lot; when I grow up, I want to be a nurse... I will heal all the children in my community,’ she says.

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  • Group of people in the Philippines

    Restoring living hope

    When a natural disaster strikes it is not only the loss of life and property that are tragic but the loss of hope. As the weeks pass the overwhelming immediate needs for food and shelter give way to the need to rebuild – futures as well as homes.

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  • A healthy inheritance

    Nan Su Kyaw* lives in a village of 70 households in Myanmar’s northernmost state of Kachin. For the past six years she has played a vital role as a community health worker in the village – a role that has brought huge benefits.

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  • Teaming up for peace

    The sun is beating down on the red soil, which is kicked up in clouds as the ball lands and feet scramble for a last chance. The whistle blows. The match is over. A massive cheer goes up from the stand and Lazaro and Abdou* – hot and tired – shake hands.

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