Stories about: Sanitation

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Ivory Coast

    In 1960, 17 African states gained independence, including Ivory Coast. The country went on to experience more than three decades of stability until a series of events shook the nation – a shaking that only began to settle after the presidential election in 2010...

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    There are 2.3 billion people around the world living without a toilet. As well as taking away your dignity, privacy and safety; not having a toilet can be deadly – diarrhoea caused by poor sanitation kills 315,000 children every year.

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  • Coming home

    Having spent nine years in displacement camps, Fikiri Madisi and his family were looking forward to coming home. But on arriving back in their village of Mwandiga in the South Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the family discovered that conditions there were not much better.

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  • Out of the woods

    Yamite is 25 years old and a mother of four. Like any mother will tell you, life with small children is loud, busy and messy. But, thankfully for Yamite, not quite as messy as it could be.

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  • The women of the village standing together

    No More Mrs Nice Guy

    The humble housewives and servants of a slum village in India discover they can make things happen. The stench was bad enough, but the constant…

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  • Jojo with one of her twinned bedpans

    Panning for Poverty

    A bedbound woman has helped to build toilets for some of the world’s poorest people – by ‘twinning’ her bedpan with a toilet block in Haiti.…

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  • Poo Biogenerator being set up

    Cooking on poo

    Villages in Brazil change providers and start 'cooking on poo'. I’m in Brazil, visiting Tearfund’s work in the north east of the country. It’s hot…

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