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  • Rubbish dump in Tanzania

    A rubbish year

    Since we launched our Rubbish Campaign in May 2019, a small band of campaigners has swelled into a crowd of more than 50,000. Clare reflects on a rubbish year, and why there’s cause for celebration.

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  • Five rocks stacked (Unsplash)

    Five steps to a better world

    What does it mean to reboot the economy in a fair, sustainable way? Here’s an overview of the five steps that we’re calling on the UK government to take to create a better world for everyone.

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  • Family in home (Tearfund)

    Act now: ask Boris Johnson to protect people in poverty

    We’ve been campaigning together to build a better, fairer world for everyone through our Reboot Campaign. But when it comes to international development, the UK government has taken a step in the wrong direction. We need to urgently call on the prime minister to ensure that UK Aid serves the world’s poorest.

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  • Delivery of food packages to 500 vulnerable families in the municipalities of Algodonal and Santa Lucía in Barranquilla, Colombia, as response to the COVID 19 Coronavirus pandemic. (Edrei Cueto, Tearfund)

    Imagining a better world

    What are your dreams for what the world could look like, post-coronavirus? We can raise our voices together today to help turn it into reality.

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  • Kit Powney- BCDO

    Rubbish Campaign update for Big Church Day Out

    Pete Greig shares an update to celebrate what Tearfund's Rubbish Campaign has achieved since last year's Big Church Day Out. Join us in calling out the two companies who are lagging behind in taking responsibility for their plastic pollution at

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  • Sunset (Pixabay)

    A reboot for our world

    In the midst of the current coronavirus crisis, many are beginning to wonder what life might look like afterwards. Might this be a chance to create a new normal? While this is likely to be a drawn out crisis, we can already start to play a vital role in shaping what happens next.

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  • Person washing hands (Ruth Towell/Tearfund)

    Facing the climate crisis in a Covid-19 world

    At such a time of global upheaval, it may seem strange to think about anything other than Covid-19. But this moment in history can be such a significant one for tackling the climate crisis too, if we grasp it.

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  • Stack of books held by hand (Tearfund)

    Read, listen, watch: 25 justice-themed picks

    Megan asked the Tearfund Action team to share some of the books, podcasts and videos that have inspired them to pursue justice, particularly around plastic pollution, climate change, and activism. Here are their top picks.

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