Stories about: Resilience

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Philippines

    The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country made up of more than 7,000 islands in the Western Pacific. Because of its location in the Pacific Ring of Fire and being close to the equator, it’s prone to earthquakes, volcanoes and typhoons.

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: India

    Famine was declared in the Indian state of Bihar on 20 April 1967, followed by catastrophic floods. An emergency call to the Evangelical Alliance from Dr Ben Wati of the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI) was one of the triggers that led to the formation of Tearfund.

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  • Woman in Haiti standing in crops

    Hope for a harvest in Haiti

    Hurricanes are part of life in the Caribbean but as we watch Irma move destructively through the region we might feel powerless. However, we can be inspired to hope by the stories of recovery and restoration experienced by victims of last year’s Hurricane Matthew.

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  • The church beats hunger

    There is a thief on the loose in Malawi – rampaging through villages stealing purpose, dignity and dreams. The thief is hunger. But the church is on the move against it.

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  • A Way Out

    A young widow turns to desperate measures in order to provide for her young children. However, a chance encounter leads her to a Tearfund project – giving her the opportunity to lift herself and her family out of poverty.

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  • A Healing of the Heart

    For several years, the Central African Republic has been torn apart by conflict. A conflict that resulted in the killing of civilians, and the burning and looting of houses.

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  • Children on the Scrapheap

    ‘I lived through the war in Syria,’ says Ahed, aged 10. ‘We were bombed every day, and every day something was destroyed. I saw the damage all around me. I saw buildings collapse near my house. Then our home was destroyed too.’

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  • God's Great Love

    Farida* is a bright, confident 26-year-old woman who can normally be found with a huge smile on her face. Born into poverty in Egypt and then broken by personal tragedy, she is a shining example of how God’s love can transform any situation.

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  • Clothed in Dignity

    For Malid*, a farmer from a village in Northern Iraq, life before the war is little more than a distant memory. ‘I enjoyed life in my village,’ he reflects. ‘There were no strangers; we were all relatives and friends who supported each other. Now, after this crisis, I know the value of that life.’

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