Keeping better company

Switch to companies that give a little back

All the brands listed below have ethics and values that we share. They’ve agreed to give a little back to Tearfund when you make the switch – at no cost to you. And they’re committed to excellent customer service. So everyone’s a winner!

But the biggest winner is people living in poverty – and that’s what matters most.

Give As You Live

Give as you Live is an easy way to create income for Tearfund at no cost to you as you do shopping online at all sorts of big name stores such as John Lewis. You simply shop through the Give as You Live website or load a little bit of extra software on your PC to automate the process for you. Give as you Live is powered by Everyclick, an award winning web company, that allows thousands of big name stores to donate to the charity of your choice.

On average each shopper will raise £2.10 per month but you can raise over £50 - depending on how much you shop!

Buy gifts online with thousands of stores. Buying presents online, you can raise over £50 for your favourite charity - without putting your hand deeper into your pocket.

Kingdom Coffee

If your church or business is looking to get fair trade coffee or tea supplied by a Christian company – then look no further!

In addition to supporting Fairtrade – better prices, decent working condition, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world - Kingdom Coffee will donate £ 3.00 to Tearfund for every case of Caffe Tesfa purchased.

Fairtrade Caffe Tesfa (Hope) is a 100% pure Ethiopian Arabica blend. A very delicate and floral cup with tart acidity and vibrant bergamot and blood orange notes makes it a wonderfully balanced and refreshing coffee.

Giving by eBay

Support Tearfund whilst doing what you do everyday on eBay. eBay for Charity is an easy way for buyers and sellers on to support their favourite charities. Buyers can shop for items knowing they're supporting a good cause. Sellers, whether they're individuals or businesses, can donate a percentage from any sale to a charity of their choice and add Gift Aid to their donations.

In addition, all eBay for Charity items will qualify for a fee credit on basic insertion and final value fees equal to the percentage donated.

Raise funds for free as you search the web. Everyclick Search lets you raise money for your favourite charity with every web search.

The commission is generated by your searching. You can turn your online searching into significant additional cash for your favourite charity and it won't cost you a penny. Sign up so you can track your total, right down to the penny.