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'In memory of Sandra. May she rest in peace.' - by Robin Bayliss in memory of Sandra Walsh

'In memory of Sandra.' - by Linda Hughes in memory of Sandra Walsh

'In memory of beloved Enid, rest in peace, love Joan and Stephen.' - By Stephen Marshall in memory of Enid Maides

'In memory of my mum Alice Hewitt who loved to give and help others in need.' - by Angela Frew in memory of Alice Hewitt

'Miss you. Struggling without you. Love G.' - by George Donaldson in memory of Margaret Donaldson

'Mum lost my father in WW2 & made a brilliant job of bringing up their two daughters, with the help of her devoted parents' - by Jill Johnson in memory of Bea Whitworth

'In memory of Judith Crofts our dear friend and sister in Christ.' - by Trevor Howard, in memory of Judith Crofts

'Sent in memory of Joan, a caring and Christian lady.' - by Margaret Such in memory of Joan Milson

'In memory of Alison Young, giving thanks for her heartfelt care for others' - by Howard and Christine Wells, in memory of their friend

'Gillian & I first met when we visited Peru on a Tearcraft trip in 2008. We have been meeting regularly since, & I have benefited from Gillian's hospitality, and prayerful support over the years since. I will miss Gillian's Peruvian updates, her chatter, her concern and her love of the Lord. Our next reunion will not be the same.' by Judith Humble in memory of her friend Gillian Connolly

'We love you but God loved you more. Say hello to Granddad for us and keep him company in heaven' - by Mope Alo, in memory of Erinoluwa Alo

'In memory of Sandra Walsh' - by Barry Walsh

'May this money bless you and provide. You are in our prayers' - by Deborah Bacon in memory of her grandparents Oma and Opa

'You are loved a lot' by Valerie James, in memory of her mother Helen James

'Let's hope for a more peaceful and compassionate world' - by John Keys in memory of his parents Doreen and John Keys

'Flo was kind and she cared for all children' - by John MacKenzie, in memory of his mother Flora MacKenzie

'Swim with the mermaids my friend' - by Pat Knowles, in memory of her friend Karen Walker

'My father grew up during the 2nd World War in abject poverty, but was taught by his mother that you shared what little you have, as you cannot truly be content if you stand by and do nothing whilst others starve. She had a 1/2 lb bag of rice to feed her family of 6 during the occupation but still gave away half to another family. I was privileged to meet the grand daughter of the family she helped, who told me, without that deed she wouldn’t have have been born. We try to live by the principle instilled by my grandmother and lived by my father.' - by May Fong, in memory of her father Kap Sun

'Thinking of your love and compassion Chris towards those in need, and doing this in your memory. We love and miss you lots but we know you've been called to higher service and we'll be together again one day. Love, Mum and Dad.' - by Peter Louttit in memory of Chris Louttit

'In loving memory of a wonderful person.' - by Martin Birchon in memory of Cathy Booth

'We thank God for Joe who worked for many years in the Amazon as a missionary. A friend and great encourager. Praise God xxx.' - by Marguerite Butcher in memory of Josephine Sully

'In memory of my wonderful compassionate mum who fought so hard to support the women of Afghanistan.' - by Gillie Buck in memory of Madge Bracewell

'In memory of my loving sister Alicia, devoted mother, loving wife and charitable person who cared for the homeless and people in need.' - by Margaret Dalton

'A very precious husband and father to our wonderful family.' - by Marina Jeffrey-Watson in memory of John Jeffrey

'In loving memory' - by Barbara Hamilton in memory of Pat Digney.

'In memory of my Dad who loved Jesus and lived his life for Him' - by Andrew Potter in memory of John Potter.

'Dear Peter, I know you would support me with this donation to help refugees, also with our prayers. Love Tess' - by Teresa Trueman in memory of her husband Peter Trueman.

'Loved and missed forever' - by Jean Deans in memory of Charlie Deans.

'In memory of my husband Jim, who passed away 24 December 2014' - by Ann Long in memory of Jim Long.

'My first Christmas without you' - by Roni Dickeson in memory of Colin Legg.

'R.I.P Jenny you'll be sadly missed by all who loved and knew you' - by Paul McClennan in memory of Jenny Baker.

'In memory of Clare and happy days at the Inner Temple' - by Charlotte Gaham in memory of her work colleague Clare Heaton

'With fond memories of our parents at Christmas, who would have been 100 this year, to help support the people of Afghanistan to keep living - from Marjorie, Katharine, Simon and partners, grandchildren and great grandchildren.' - by Marjorie Needham in memory of Sidnlda Harbord

'Mum loved everyone and cared for all. Doing this on her behalf because she showed us what it is to love'  - by Ian Morris in memory of Ruth Wardle

'In memory of my beautiful Auntie Claire' - by Hannah Nicholls, in memory of Claire Crago.

'In memory of my beloved brother, still missed so much' - by Noele Barnfield, in memory of Neil Jackson.

'In memory of my lovely Goddaughter Rachel Strang' - by Joy Himsworth, in memory of Rachel Strang.

'Much loved and missed every day' - by Alan Roberts, in memory of his grandmother Maryanne Jones.

'Always in God's tender care' - iby Alan Roberts, in memory of his father Alan Roberts.

'In memory of an amazing mum who I miss so much' - by Julie Tagg, in memory of Winnie McCullagh.

'In memory of my beloved husband John, forever in my heart' - by Valerie Horoyd, in memory of John Horoyd.

'We lost our precious Mum this year, she loved Jesus and she loved to give, this gift is from her too.' - by Myra Mallon, in memory of her mother Alice Hewitt.

'In memory of a kind and generous man.' - by Carol Conway, in memory of Eddie James

'In memory of my daughter Linda, who helped others.' - by Janet Gault in memory of Linda Gault.

'Devoted father, husband and firefighter - we miss you.' - by M Armitage in memory of Al Grant

'Missing you at this time when we celebrated your birthday and Christmas.' - by Gina Salmon in memory of John Salmon

'With thanks and praise to God in memory of Peter Lolley - a good friend and example of faithful and fruitful service to Christ.' - by Paul Collett

'Rest in Peace Jonny. You live on in our hearts.' - by Cammy Mackenzie in memory of Jonny Mackenzie

'In memory of Megan Pavitt, who lways supported the work of Tearfund in helping those in need.' - by Tracey Pavitt

'Mama Eleni always had a special place in her heart for poor children.' - by Terry Katsaros in memory of his mother Eleni Kalantzi.

'I love and miss you so much' - by Gillian Jarrett-Woods in memory of her husband Tony Woods.

'May God bring hope to the suffering people' - by Pam Britton in memory of her husband Malcolm Britton.

'I love you so much Dad and miss you greatly. Happy Christmas Dad xxxx ' - by Julie Stanmore-Cook in memory of her father Robert Stanmore.

'In memory of the best person in the world, missed every minute of every day' - by Trevor Long in memory of his wife, Yvonne Long.

'In memory of Richard Catterick' - by Janet Catterick in memory of her son.

'In memory of Elizabeth Lewis' by Anna Newell.

'To honour the memory of a good friend who loved life, the church and culture and did much for others.' by Stephen Senn in memory of Aymeric Jenkins.

'Jude, this donation is in memory of you. I know you would have given generously to help the suffering people of Afghanistan' - by Manjit McKenzie in memory of her husband Jude McKenzie.

'In loving memory of our dear Aunty Liz xxxx'- by Mary Visser in memory of Elizabeth Lewis.

'In loving memory of Jo, our dear Christian friend and one-time neighbour, now sadly missed.' - by Eleanor Lynn in memory of Josephine Martin.

'In memory of Douglas Young' - by Susan Crozier in memory of her partner.

'In memory of a true friend and man of great faith.' - by Margaret Tate in memory of Peter Lolley.

'In memory of Michael Allum' - by Sandra Allum in memory of her husband.

'My mother would never see a child go hungry at any time of the year but especially over Christmas.' - by Lawrence Bettag in memory of his mother Elisabeth Bettag.

'In memory of Dennis Mariner.' - by Liz Mariner in memory of her husband.

'You are greatly missed, dear Heather. May you rest in peace.' - by Ciaran Clapham in memory of Heather Roche

'Thank u for carrying on Gods mission on Earth' - by Micheline Bindley in memory of her mother Joan Chesney.

'On the behalf of Mrs Pat Davis From all the staff at Neills Hill Restaurant.' - by Zoe Gorman in memory of Pat Davis.

'In memory of Margaret Beilby - ‘Meggie’, a remarkable and resilient lady who won’t be forgotten. - by Donna Yeates.

'In memory of a true gentleman, Bible teacher and friend to many.' - by Gordon Myers in memory of Robert Myers.

'In memory of Maureen Laing' - by Richard Curry, in memory of his mother.

'A 'Good and faithful servant' by John Iles, in memory of his friend Pete Ewins

'A good and faithful servant' by Linda Iles, in memory of her friend Pete Ewins

'In memory of my lovely aunt who loved to help others' - by Trish Slinger, in memory of Marjorie Harper

'In memory of Bessie Tucker' - by Cynthia Jacobs, in memory of her mother.

'With love always' - by Catherine Mallon, in memory of her brother, Eugene McNamee.

'With love and very fond memories of Margaret, my Step Mother who passed away earlier this month (November 2021)' - by Hilary Grant, in memory of her step mother Margaret Beilby.

'In memory of Natasha Clark.' - by Barrie Clark, in memory of his daughter.

'In memory of Donald McDiarmid.' - by Andrew McDiarmid, in memory of his father.

'In loving memory of Averil the remarkable Christian lady in purple from friends.' - by Robert Kirkman, in memory of Averil Kirkman

'In memory of my loving mother. 1st Christmas in heaven.' - by Susan Hamilton, in memory of her mother Jean McAteer

'In memory of Colin Rodgers' - by Jonathan Rodgers

'In memory of Joyce Ledger who always supported Tearfund. Joyce had the biggest heart and loved and cared for all.' - by Rachel McGregor in memory of her grandmother

'In loving memory of my parents.' - by Maura Quinn in memory of Brendan and Dolie Quinn

'In memory of Ted Bailey - a kind Christian.' - by Rebecca Mitchell-Farmer in memory of her friend

'In memory of my wife.' - by Graham Baker, in memory of Christine Baker

'In memory of Jimmy Adams. Sending love to all his family and friends.' - by Maria Mencia

'Thanks for the book Noel' - by Keith Earley, in memory of his friend Noel Pizzey

'Daddy, I miss you, thoughtful and kind' - by B. Mutter, in memory of her father Reginald Patrick Charles Mutter

'This gift is sent through the kindness of my late father, a generous and caring Christian man.' - by John de la Haye in memory of Robert de la Haye

'In memory of Noel Pizzey who in now at home with the Lord he loved and served.' - by Geoffrey Tate in memory of Noel Wailter Pizzey

'A long life faithfully serving her Lord. She was a great baker and loved her cars. Lots of great memories of family times together. With love from Pauline.' - by Pauline Murray in memory of Alice Jones

'In memory of Maureen, my lovely wife.' - by Robert Payne in memory of Maureen Payne

'Alex was kind when he heard of needy people.' - by Jasmine Braidwood in memory of Alexander Braidwood

'My dad loved this world and the Lord. He walked daily in the woods when he could with his beloved family and dogs. Praise God.' - by Lilian Mcsherry in memory of Campbell Bucharest

'Giving thanks for his life and remembering his love and kindness to those in our society who struggled in life.' - by Ann Gourlay, in memory of her husband David Gourlay

'All success in the Climate Talks. May God be with the Tearfund team in Glasgow.' - by Barrie Clark, in memory of his sister Natasha Clark

'In memory of a dear sister.' - by Sophie Mardini, in memory of Sarah Keith

'In memory of a very special friend, a true servant of Christ.' - by Jane Dunnett, in memory of Mavis Mansell

'With love from the Devon Speedy Jones' - by Helen Speedy, in memory of Patricia Deacon

'In fond memory of a very dear friend, who we have shared many happy times with.' - by Miriam and John Goody, in memory of Pat Deacon

'To a long-standing friend, long remembered.' - by Violet Ashford, in memory of Mavis Mansell

'Fond memories from Jenny' - by David Burghes, in memory of Molly Nicholls

'To remember one dear to us . We will never forget his wit, his smile, his many talents and his steadfast faith. Thank you for the wonderful memories. Sleep on now, and take your rest - Matthew 26:45 With love from Menna, Elin, Kel, Deiniol, Iola, Erin, Cara and Jacob xx' - in memory of their family member Idris Charles Williams

'A wonderful Christian lady and friend to many. - by John Bronsdon in memory of his sister, Mavis Mansell

'We will miss you Tim. A wonderful, generous, full of life, man of God. Much love and prayers to all the family in Colombia and UK.' - by G. Sheppard in memory of Tim Ayers

'In memory of a very dear Aunt who loved and cared for so many.' - by Sue, Gez, Daisy and Rosie in memory of Mavis Mansell

'Giving in memory of Pat, a friend for many years.' - by Valerie Bonsor in memory of Pat Deacon

'In memory of a wonderful, generous friend' - by Chris Barton in memory of Mavis Mansell

'In loving memory of our friend Aymeric. May he rest in peace and Rise in Glory.' - by Tim Halstead in memory of Aymeric Jenkins

'In memory of Mrs Marie Samways' by her son, Nick Samways

'In memory of Mrs Ann McMullan' by her daughter, Suzanne Neill

'In memory of a very dear and lifelong friend' - by Martin Redfern, in memory of Meric Jenkins

'You were too beautiful for Earth, but I will see you in Heaven one day ?? Forever in my Heart, Mam xxx' - by Elisabeth Street in memory of Amelia Rose Street

'In memory of my dad who along with my mother died in 2020, both churchgoers all there lives.' - by Eric Knowles, in memory of his father also Eric Knowles

'In memory of our darling son Isaac who sadly passed away on 29/09/19. We love you.' - by David and Chantal Welch

'18/09 is the anniversary of Anne's birth. Anne died on 01/03/2020. The Lord Jesus took her home just before the pandemic hit which is a source of Joy as she had dementia and was in a care home unable to walk or talk to anyone.' - by Andrew Rowland, in memory of his wife Anne Rowland

'In memory of a beloved wife and sister-in-law Eileen Margaret Dean who was born on 2nd June 1945 and went to be with the Lord Jesus on 24th October 2019.' - by Charles Dean

'In loving memory of Bryan Sleigh. Husband to Hazel and friend to many. He lived and loved well.' - by Nicci Whittaker

'My lovely beloved Sister, Agnes who I miss so much may she rest in peace and rise in glory. Love from Nell and Tom and all the family xx.' - by Nell Heslop in memory of Agnes Caisley

'In memory of our precious daughter safe in the arms of Jesus.' - by David Gee in memory of Esther Grace Gee

'In loving memory of Natasha Clark.' - by Barrie Clark

'In memory of Meric, with love from Claire, John, Ben and Chloe x.' - by Claire Petevino in memory of Meric Jenkins

'Remembering our much-loved Mum, Nan, Nanny and Great-Nanny.' - by Sharon Rees in memory of Monica Rees

'In loving memory of the sweet, kind and funny aunty and sister-in-law that we loved and will sorely miss.' - by David Wilson in memory of Joan Morel

'In memory of my late and dear brother-in-law David Edward Jones who died on 27th July.' - by Susan Walden

'Mum supported the work of Tearfund. God bless you, Mum.' - by Sara Bright in memory of June Hutchinson

'In loving memory of Susan White.' - by Edmund White

'In memory of my grandson whom I never got to see.' - by Patricia Priestley in memory of Kaikushi Kennedy

'To an immense talent who was also deeply humble.' - by Farhana Hoque in memory of Jeremy Peyton Jones

'Happy Birthday Mum. Miss you so much, but grateful you are resting in his loving arms free from pain and suffering xx.' - by Belinda Richards in memory of Pat Richards

'In memory of Stephen Treasure, a good and true man.' - by William Jackson

'This donation is in memory of my mother who passed away last month. Mum and Dad were long-standing supporters of Tearfund and I am sure you will put the donation to good use.' - by Andy Chapman in memory of Evelyn Chapman

'In memory of Jim McClurg, a Team Leader.' - by George Birse in memory of James McClurg

'32 years ago I lost the one parent I knew. So sad that you are not here to see your grandchildren. Love always x.' - by Edward Groenhart in memory of Janet Groenhart

'In memory of my dear Mum, who taught me all I know about food and feeding people.' - by Mary Wilson in memory of Mabel Gardner

'Thank you for all you did for me, Mum and Dad.' - by Christine Hooper in memory of Roy and Jean Axon

'Mum would wish those much less fortunate than ourselves be richly blessed with God's loving care and mercy. I pray that this donation can enable families to become more self sufficient and have some of the basics that we take so much for granted.' - by Lorraine Ronald in memory of Judy Harrison

'In memory of my lovely brother, Francois, who cared for those around him all the time.' - by Sonja Clack in memory of Francois Van Rooyen

'In memory of a beloved uncle who lived a long life of Christian Service.' - by Peter Jarritt in memory of Dennis Jarritt

'In loving memory of Pam Martin, our wonderful mother and grandmother, who lived life in generous service to her Heavenly Father and to those less fortunate than herself.' - by Sharon Barnard

'For a much loved sister who died in May 2021. She Supported Tearfund all her life so would like to do this in her memory.' - by Rosemary Hughes in memory of Janet Law

'Mum; thinking of you today, the day God called you home. 13/7/1993. Always remembered.' - by Maureen and Brian

'In memory of Anil Hiranandani.' - by Cathy Brown

'A lovely man - a real servant of God, always looking to bring us closer to Jesus.' - by Hugh Griffiths in memory of Ken Gordon

'In memory of Ken Gordon who was an excellent Branch Secretary of the SNP in Deeside.' - by James Finlayson

'A wonderful Aunt whos memories we will cherish forever.' - by Paul Johnston in memory of Yvonne Childs

'In memory of my oldest brother Robert. I will miss him dearly.' - by David Bloomer in memory of Robert Bloomer

'We are unable to attend Stephen's funeral because we are away but in memory of a long acquaintance. May he rest in peace.' - by Fiona Pizzoni in memory of Stephen Treasure

'In memory of dad, a very staunch supporter of Tearfund.' - by Jill Butchers in memory of Ray Evans

'In loving memory of Eric Duffus.' - by Mary Duffus

'In loving memory of Aunty Joyce.' - by Catriona Whyte in memory of Joyce Glen

'Missed every day, never far from our thoughts.' - by Anthony Pearson in memory of Greg Pearson

'God bless your efforts and prayers.' - by Alan Roberts in memory of Richard Roberts

'In memory of my lovely Dad on Father's Day. He was always keen to help others, especially inviting the homeless in for tea!' - by Karen Spencer in memory of Ken Roberts

'Mum passed on inheritance money to which we have pleasure in tithing. She was such a giving person and gave through her entire life in service within her local church and community. This is really her money which we can pass on for her to help in whatever way Tearfund can use it best.' - by Colleena Platford in memory of Annetta Bailie

'In memory of a loving Dad, to help make lives better.' - by Janet Clark in memory of Roger Clark

'In loving memory of Anne Rowland.' - by Andrew Rowland

'In loving memory of a wonderful mother, Yvonne Childs.' - by Suzanne Kisby

'In memory of a dear Dad and Grandad.' - by Jane Ward in memory of Trevor Hardingham

'In loving memory of Rex Routledge.' - by Joy Cockram

'This gift is in memory of Brian who asked me to make this gift to you before he died on 7th June 2021. Praise the Lord for memories.' - by Jean Merison in memory of Brian Merison

'My darling Sister I miss you so much, may you rest in peace and rise in glory. Love and hugs.' - by Nell and Tom in memory of Muriel Rudge

'Thinking of Robert and family sending condolences on the loss of Yvonne Childs.' - by Dawn Kershaw

'In memory of Yvonne Childs'. - by Gary, Mary, Daniel and Katherine

'To Auntie Yvonne, Such much fun in such a small package.' - by Alan Johnston in memory of Yvonne Childs

'In loving memory of Helen James. Love you Mum.' - by Valerie James

'In memory of Tony for a great cause.' - by Lorraine, Paul, Ann & family in memory of Tony Cooper

'In memory of Glen Tyson.' - by Ian Bentley

'Gift in memory of Wendy Wirgman - staff member (1975/6) promoting Tearfund in schools.' - by Francis Wirgman

'We were blessed with 56 almost perfect years of marriage. I absolutely adored him and love him more everyday even though the Good Lord took him to be with Him nearly two years ago.' - by Ann Richardson in memory of Allan Richardson

'In memory of a dear friend Jackie Hall.' - by Barbara E Payne

'In memory of Iain Mackenzie.' - by Grace Mackenzie

'A gift in memory of a trusted friend and neighbour Geoffery Wilkinson. Wishing peace and comfort to his family.' - by Teresa Oxley

'In memory of Mummy.' - by Josephine Simmonds in memory of Wendy Walters

'In memory of dear Hazel X.' - by Barbara and Roy in memory of Hazel Humphreys

'In memory of Jackie Hall. Good can still be done. Even when we greave a friend.' - by Janet Crossingham

'In loving memory of my dear friend.' - by Judith Nield in memory of Jackie Hall

'She loved the Lord and would want to help the poor especially single mothers.' - by Jacqui Zanetti in memory of Valerie Zanetti

'Ellie was my Sunshine Girl, and made every day brighter.' - by Hannah Norris in memory of Ellie Arnold

'In loving memory of Joce Goodyear.' - by Sue Nias

'In memory of my wonderful nephew Andrew, who died suddenly from heart problems due to Covid 19 on 1st January 2021, aged only 28.' - by Elaine Anderson in memory of Andrew Steele

'Praise God that Ian is in the care of his Lord, Jesus Christ.' - by Ella Halls in memory of Ian Halls

'In memory of my Uncle Ian, and wanting to support the wonderful work of Tear Fund.' - by David Mumford in memory of Rev Ian Elliott

'In memory of David John Powell - 03.12.1946 -23.03.2021.' - by Trevor How in memory of David Powell

'In loving memory of Joce Goodyear - a special friend and mentor.' - by Jane Challacombe in memory of Joce Goodyear

'Sharing The Lord's Blessings. In memory of Chris Fry.' - by Katy Fry

'My wonderful sister, May this gift support others to receive the gift of vaccination that you were just unable to have as protection. Love always.' - by Denise Pemberton in memory of Maureen Grummitt

'In memory of our much loved son Philip.' - by Henry Holland in memory of Philip Holland

'In memory of our son Neil, loving son and proud paramedic, taken by Covid-19.' - by Mr and Mrs Ruch in memory of Neil Ruch

'In memory of Quentin and Doris Allom.' - by Richard Kitson.

'In memory of Giles, my ex, who died 1 year ago today of motor neurone disease.' - by Anne Bryett in memory of Giles Marshall

'In loving memory of our Mum and Nanna xx.' - by Judith Galpin in memory of Edith Mattocks

'In lovong memory of Kathy Shepherd. Miss her every day, even after four years.' - by Tony Shepherd

'In memory of a beloved Aunt who would have been thrilled to know she was somehow involved in helping others get their life-saving vaccine.' - by Elisabeth Jordan in memory of Audrey Carr

'Please pray for the repose of the soul of my brother, sadly missed.' - by Kevin McAloon in memory of Brendan McAloon

'In memory of my dear Pauline in the hope the more people can be vaccinated.' - by Jonathan Maccabe in memory of Pauline Maccabe

'Mum always supported Tearfund and was so kind and caring. Miss you Mum.' - by Jennifer Burton in memory of Joyce Chapple

'In loving memory of a wonderful husband.' - by Marian Sims in memory of Tony Sims

'With happy memories of 'Auntie Joce', such a kind and loving person.' - by Jane Sugars in memory of Joce Goodyear

'In loving memory of Auntie Joce.' - by Nina Reader in memory of Joce Goodyear

'A good friend who has passed away who supported Tearfund most of her life I make this donation in her name.' - by Sarah Lewis in memory of Joce Goodyear

'In loving memory of Joce xx.' - by Kate Baldwin

'In loving memory of Doreen Brett.' - by Robert Brett

'In loving memory of Doreen Brett.' - by John Brett

'She was an amazing lady who done a lot of voluntary work for the community. This charity was close to her heart as it was my Dad's when he was alive.' - by Lynn Irwin

'In loving memory of Veronica Bailey - Best friend and Godmother. Always in our hearts.' - by June, Janine, Angie and Kirsty

'In loving memory of Violet Wallbridge.' - by Ian Wallbridge

'In memory of Lucas Macardle.' - by Declan Macardle

'In memory of Brian Stowe, a very dear friend for over 50 years.' - by Paul and Sandra Knight

'In loving memory of Eva Rolland.' - by Julia Firth

'In memory of my wonderful, cheerful and generous aunt.' - by Pam Culver in memory of Polly Mager

'In loving memory of a much missed uncle and faithful friend.' - by Nick Aston in memory of Paul Greene

'In memory of our beloved son Stephen Bennett aged 32. Thankful for all the wonderful memories we have of you and your love for us as your family. We will see you again. Nigel Delia and all the family.' - by Nigel and Delia Bennett

'In memory of Eileen "Polly" Mager and husband Jim, for the many blessings they were to us and so many.' by Sara Berry in memory of Polly and Jim Mager

'In memory of my dear sister who was always mindful of the poor with a global vision.' - by Alan J F Fraser in memory Margaret Fraser

'With my love & prayers.' - by Jean L Wall in memory of Stephen Bennett

'In memory of Edward Nicholas Butler.' - by Finn Edward Merkel

'A lovely lady who cared about others.' - by Wendy Wheatcroft Pugh in memory of Doris Pugh

'In loving memory of Sam Barker.' - by Timothy Barker-Chapman

'Joyce was kindness personified. Her generosity was unbounded.' - by Mary Smith in memory of Cecily Joyce Patterson

'Joyce was a friend to many as well as to me. She worked tirelessly on behalf of her family, Holme Eden Church, and the wider community. She will be greatly missed.' - by Jill Armsby in memory of Joyce Patterson

'In loving memory of Penelope Blake.' - by Lucy Sawyer

'In memory of a truly lovely, caring lady who lived a long life, was loved by many and will be fondly remembered.' - by Lorraine Lateu in memory of Jean Elms

'In loving memory of Aunty Theresa xx.' - by Carolyn Wilkinson in memory of Theresa Wilcox

'In memory of my late beloved wife Pauline.' - by David Snell in memory of Pauline Snell

'In memory of your compassion and love for all those in need across the world.' - by Tracey Pavitt in memory of Megan Pavitt

'Mum gave so generously in her life that we would like to remember her on Mothering Sunday, by giving a gift to Tearfund in her memory.' - by Christine Redfern in memory of Margery Baldwin

'In memory of Rex Davie.' - by Peter Law

'Our hearts cry out to the Lord for the suffering people of the world, particularly those in Yemen. We pray that Tearfund and other aid agencies can reach those most in need. We know that Tony would share this message and prayer. Thank you. Amen.' - by Rosie Coldwell in memory of Tony Coldwell

'My dear mother loved and missed evey day.' - by Jim Campbell in memory of Betty Campbell

'In loving memory of Muriel Naylor.' - by Jane Foley

'In memory of Desmond Singh.' - by Christeen David

'In memory of Jack Ashworth.' - by Carole Saunders

'In memory of Ozzie Gartside who was an amazing friend to many people in Crosby.' - by Jan Wilson

'In memory of my mother-in-law who died 2 years ago with dementia.' - by Doris Cairns in memory of Mary Cairns

'In memory of Brenda Quinnell. In my thoughts.' - by Glynis Watkins

'In memory of our dear mother, Daphne.' - by Gary Askew in memory of Daphne Askew

'Missing you so much, love.' - by George M Donaldson in memory of Margaret Donaldson

'In loving memory of Sheila Killingback.' - by Amanda Killingback

'In memory of my Dad who would have been 92 years old today. A good man who would help anyone in need. I miss you Dad.' - by Peter Robinson in memory of Albert Robinson

'My dear Father, loved and missed every day.' - by James Campbell in memory of James Campbell

'Donating on behalf of a fantastically caring and warm woman.' - by Lucy Whitehall in memory of Sheila Hutson

'In memory of my kindly Auntie.' - by Rob Smith in memory of Sheila Hutson

'In loving memory of a dear mother and fellow believer in Christ.' - by Philip Sutcliffe in memory of Mary Sutcliffe

'In loving memory of Rhona Trueman. Sending love and condolences to the whole family, we will support you always. With great love and appreciation, Pete, Ed, Jon and Ian.' - by Ian Hodge

'Donated in loving memory of my dear mother who cared so much about others and who was a regular fund raiser to improve the lives of people less fortunate than ourselves.' - by Jennifer Wilton in memory of Winifred Fee

'In memory of Vivian Seel.' - by Clare Howard

'In memory of Peggy Woolnough.' - by Barry Taylor

'In memory of the life of Geoff Lambert and the Christian friendship, love and kindness of Geoff and his family. With loving thoughts to Janet, Esther, Rachel, Sarah, Etienne and grandchildren xo.' - by Roger, Anita, Paul Heidi, Jon and Rosina

'In loving memory of Charles Kay Tompsett.' - by Jane Tompsett

'In loving memory of James Wightman.' - by Andrew Wightman

'In memory of Ian Halls. With his Lord.' - by Ella Halls

'With fondest memories of a marvellous lady, Peggy, a loyal friend.' - by Marion Haynes in memory of Peggy Woolnough

'She was a joy to have known and a real influence in my Christian life. May she now have joy with her Lord.' - by Eileen Bontempelli in memory of Peggy Woolnough

'In loving memory of Kenneth Thompson. There is so much suffering in the world that we should share with others our good fortune of security, health ,and loving friends and family. God as given us these things and everyone in the world as a right to them too.' - by Geraldine Thompson

'In memory of my beloved husband Steve who was kind, funny, generous and so loved.' - by Lynne McLaughlan in memory of Steve McLaughlan

'This is in loving memory of a very dear friend of nearly 40 Years, Phyll Dickens who died 4 January 2021, aged 93.' - by Chris & Paddy Miles

'In memory of my mother-in-law, who was a generous giver throughout her life.' - by William Clegg in memory of Renie Smith

'A great loss to our church and lives.' - by Gilbert Snook in memory of Adrian Bull

'To be able to help people who have fled their homeland in fear, in memory of my late husband, brings me comfort.' - by Doris Cairns in memory of Michael Cairns

'In memory of my beautiful wife who supported tearfund and is now with the Lord.' - by Jonathan Trueman in memory of Rhona Trueman

'In memory of our very dear friend Rhona Trueman. She was a blessing to all who knew her. Now at peace with our Lord Jesus.' - by Jules & Phil Cooper

'In memory of Geoff Lambert. Much love to Janet and family.' - by Andrew and Hilary Miller

'With fond memories of a good man.' - by Rosemary Doidge in memory of Rex Davie

'In loving memory of Cynthia Wightman, and with love to all.' - by Andrew Wightman

'In loving memory of my Mum. Always missed, always loved.' - by Shirley Gardner in memory of Thea Francis

'In memory of Rex and condolences to all the Davie Family.' - by Felicity Davie in memory of Rex Davie

'In memory of my beloved wife Kirsty, a devoted Christian.' - by Alastair Urquhart in memory of Kirsty Urquhart

'Rosalie and her husband were dedicated to supporting the vulnerable and disadvantaged.' - by Christopher Turner in memory of Rosalie Riem

'For the many years of service to Greyfriars Church, his conversations with many passers-by as he tended the garden around the church.' - by Dennis Parker in memory of Michael Strickland

'We are thankful to God and grateful to Tearfund for their support when Sam was diagnosed, treated and died.' - by Nick Barker in memory of Sam Barker

'Although you are no longer here, I still support one of our favourite charities.' - by Teresa Trueman in memory of Peter Trueman

'In memory of a beautiful and kind lady.' - by Faye Hearn in memory of Rhona Trueman

'In memory of a lovely friend and neighbour who will be very much missed.' - by Sally Ridding in memory of Rhona Trueman

'In memory of Rhona Trueman. We will miss you.' - by David & Jane Annison in memory of Rhona Trueman

'In memory of a very special godly lady who impacted everyone who met her. We give thanks to God for her life and testimony.' - by Graham Steer in memory of Rhona Trueman

'Thank you God for Sheila, for the many blessings that came to many people through her life and witness.' - by Jennifer Williamson in memory of Sheila Saunders

'In loving memory of Ted Owen.' - by Helen Owen

'In loving memory of John Attfield.' - by Peter Attfield

'Will remember her lovely sense of humour, and caring for others.' - by Shirley Bird in memory of Rhona Trueman

'Remembering the many enjoyable chats we had with Rhona at Ridge Wharf.' - by Richard and Krystyna Collier

‘Rhona: always so full of life, talking very fast, infectious giggles, novelty birthday cakes, face lit up in worship, enjoying the Lord's presence and was never sea sick...even when changing nappies on a close-hauled boat in a choppy sea! Navigation success...but...Co-op grain carriers....where did it come from???’ - by Lesley Snell in memory of Rhona Trueman

'In memory of a precious and beautiful sister-in-Christ and faithful prayer warrior who radiated God's love.' - by Pat Babbs in memory of Rhona Trueman

'Fondest Memories of Phyll.' - by Jennifer Fumpson in memory of Phyliss Dickens

'In memory of Anne Sixsmith. We will always remember you.' - by Sergio Massa

'Remembering our dear friend Anne, who taught us so much about God and life. You will stay in our hearts forever.' - by Laura Massa

'In memory of an angel xxx.' - by Amélie Kergozien in memory of Anne Sixsmith

'In memory of Anne Sixsmith.' - by Jeff Mashburn

'In memory of Andy Bain. Andy died of cancer on 3/1/21 and was a good and supportive loving dad and husband. Born 10/6/51. A short live very well lived.' - by Joe Fawkes

'In memory of Andy Bain who supported Tear fund for most of his life.' - by Maggie Gregory

'Dear Dad, Thank you for all your patience and love. You were such a blessing to my life. Miss you lots.' - by Sonja Clack

'Dad who gave me everything I needed and more.' - by Gillian Wiseman in memory of George Wiseman

'In memory of my nephew Donald Mark Rowley a gentle soul and a lifelong christian.' - by Jean Shaw

'Missing you so much, love.' - by Rev George Donaldson in memory of Margaret Donaldson

'For my dear grandmother who passed away a week before her 88th birthday, who will always be remembered for her love for God and compassion for those in need.' - by Shalin Abraham in memory of Aleyamma Jacob

'In memory of Betty Burnett, a much loved, and missed, Mum.' - by Colin Burnett

'In memory of my Auntie Jean Hooke, so kind, warm, friendly and hospitable, with a ready smile and laughter. Strong in faith and in support of missions. Much loved by all her knew her.' - by Graham Hooke in memory of Jean Hooke

'God bless you Peter Love from Judith xx.' - by Judith Stevens in memory of Peter Stevens

'Tireless work and love to so many boys in Clyde.' - by Charles Alexander in memory of Annette Chapman

'In memory of a great man who did so much good in this world and left it a better place.' - by Melinda Riechert in memory of Keir Downing

'In loving memory of our lovely friend who will be sadly missed. Until we meet in Gods presence.' - by Gary and Sue Milton in memory of Pauline Cooper

'Pauline- a wonderful Christian friend. She will be greatly missed.' - by Jane Burley in memory of Pauline Cooper

'She loved to support others and her generosity is her legacy.' - by Christine Paul in memory of Patricia King

'In memory of a beautiful woman.' - by Susanna Bastable in memory of Grace Phillips Goudie

'In memory of John MacLeod.' - by Rory MacLeod

'Remembering a very special friend who is now with Jesus.' - by Jackie Rowe in memory of Pauline Cooper

'In memory of our dear friend and sister in Christ, Pauline Cooper. A true evangelist. We will miss you so much.' - by Christine Sanders

'In memory of a wonderful Man, Claude Lindor. We will miss your smile, fun, sense of humor and love towards family and friends. You will be missed and remembered by us all.' - by Daphne, Gloria, Elliott, Perez & Powell family

'In loving memory of Rob who with his wife Anne was instrumental in setting up Tearfund at Kea church near Truro.' - by John Deacon in memory of Rob Deacon

'In memory of a lovely fun lady.' - by Helen Bowerman in memory of Beryl Ann Burkett

'In memory of a treasured aunt whose faith and generosity can now be shared around the world through the work of Tear Fund.' - by Mervyn Sheppard in memory of Phyllis Adams

'A dear sweet lady whose was unwavering in her love for the Lord and all his people.' - by Hugh Mackay in memory of Rhoda Bolton

'A thanksgiving offering to our God, for the life of our dad/husband, Tony Butcher, on what would have been his birthday.' - by Joanne Butcher and family

'In loving memory of James Darch'. - by Andrea Darch

'In memory of my Grandpa & Grandma.' - by Valerie Powell in memory of Claude & Mabel Smith

'In memory of my Mum, who helped out at the Tearfund shop in Portadown.' - by Aileen Pinkerton in memory of Florrie Morrison

'In loving memory of Margaret Donaldson. Really missing you this year, love.' - by George Donaldson

'In memory of a lovely fun lady.' - by Helen Bowerman in memory of Beryl Ann Burkett

‘With thanks for our  memories of Glyn's life love and friendship.’ - by Susan and Laurence Mathew in memory of Glyn Lander

‘In loving memory of Sriyakanthi Perera.’ - by Y Perera

‘A lovely Christian man who will be greatly missed for his love and care.’ - by Richard Newton in memory of Owen Porteous

‘In memory of Jem Sewell. Thoughts with Hilary, Luke, Bryony, Ruby and Lydia xx.’ - by Philip Carse

‘We all miss you so much. Rest in peace until we meet again.’ - by Jeanne Hughes in memory of Tony Hughes

‘Rev Mark served God both in and out of "The Cloth". A race well run!’ - by Philip Ashworth in memory of Mark Earnshaw

‘In loving memory of Joyce West.’ - by Kathleen Abraham

‘Thank you Mavis for showing how to be humble, self effacing and strong in faith. I am honoured to have known you.’ - by Andrew Dobbs in memory of Mavis Redfern

‘With Love to our dear friend Jane. We will miss your friendship and your kindness. Forever in our thoughts.’ - by Shirl, Steve & Steff in memory of Jane Pearse

‘Margaret Beryl Phillips, 14th August 1932 – 8th March 2020. In loving memory of a much-loved Mum and Nana who will be missed and remembered by so many. Now at peace in her eternal home.’ - by Mrs Janet Townsend

‘In loving memory of James Burton.’ - by Michael Buckley

‘Love you forever.’ - by K C P Tong, in memory of William C Y Tong

‘With deepest sympathy from Barbara and Deborah Booth.’ - in memory of Mark Earnshaw

‘Remembering Peter. A wonderful and generous young man.’ - by Nora Mayhew in memory of Peter Arnold Mayhew

‘In memory of Don Taylor.’ - by Clive and Jackie McDowell

‘In memory of our beautiful son. We will remember you until we are together again, in paradise, celebrating with our heavenly father.’ - by Chloe Mullen in memory of RWM

‘In gratitude for the love and friendship of James (Jim) Price over many years.’ - by Paul Brenells

‘In loving memory of Daphne Perrin.’ - by Heather Boyd

‘In loving memory of Margaret Donaldson.’ - by Goerge Donaldson

‘In memory of my Grandad, Gran, Great Aunt and beautiful Auntie Claire who we tragically lost this year.’ - by Hannah Nicholls‘

Dearest uncle Ken, Holly and I will never forget your kindness, and granddaughter Arian will know what you did for her when she grows up. We will miss you, you kind lovely man.’ - by David Laker, in memory of Ken Cousens 

‘In loving memory of Pam Walmsley.’ - by Tom Walmsley

‘A good man, much missed.’ - by George Hobbs, in memory of John Pole

‘In memory of a good friend and faithful Christian brother.’ - by John and Teresa, in memory of Philip Edwards

‘Taken too soon. Such a wonderful caring doctor who gave time to all her patients. Always smiling and always looked beautiful. Will miss seeing your beautiful smile xx.’ - by Anna Allen, in memory of Dr J Koso-Thomas

‘In memory of a wonderful and godly father, grandfather, great-grandfather, husband and father-in-law to John's sister.’ - by John and Margaret, in memory of David Goodchild

‘A true Christian educator. RIP Miss Binyon.’ - by Kim Tutcher, in memory of Pamela Binyon

‘In memory of a lovely lady and the trips we shared.’ - by Margaret Josephs, in memory of Margaret Ledbrooke

‘In loving memory of Valerie Cordy.’ - by Zoe Wong

‘In memory of a true friend, who with his late wife Mollie shared themselves so generously with us in many ways, and from whom we learned so much about good parenting. Huge thanks and much love from Christine & David.’ - by Christine & David Clarke, in memory of Raymond Copping

‘In memory of my loving mother. She was a humble person and showed much compassion and has inspired me in my Christian journey. The day before she passed away, she said; "Fight the Good Fight. The Lord is my Shepherd". What encouragement and this message also helped the Christian nursing staff at the hospital.’ - by Matilda Boulogne in memory of Elizabeth McCulloch

‘In loving memory of Josie Brown.’ - by Margaret Collier

‘God bless. A born survivor now at peace.’ - by Jon Feldmann, in memory of Olive Mitchell

‘In memory of a lovely lady.’ - by Thelma Hughes, in memory of Alice Ivy Freeborough

‘In memory of Nora, a wonderful colleague and friend.’ - by Maureen Gowland, in memory of Nora Campbell

‘In memory of my dear Aunt Connie whose warmth and care for others shone through her life’ - by Ruth Payne, in memory of Connie Peters

‘Ivy was a special friend and we shared many happy times together. Much loved.’ - by Joan Brown, in memory of Ivy Freeborough

‘In memory of a wonderful and caring woman - never forgotten, always in my heart.’ - by Amanda Blunden, in memory of Ivy Freeborough

‘In memory of Ivy Freeborough.’ - with much love from Carol, Kathryn and Ian and family, Stephen and Alison and Simon, Liz and family

‘In memory of dear Ray Copping, a wise & prayerful friend, & faithful godfather to our son David. We will always remember his smile & laugh.’ - by Ron & Jenny Elverson

‘Loving memories of an extraordinary lady.’ - by Linda Tavernor, in memory of Alice Ivy Freeborough

‘In memory of a lovely lady.’ - by Keith Harris, in memory of Ivy Freeborough

‘Sent in memory of Joan Turner, in lieu of flowers at the time of her funeral.’ - by Derek Croft

‘In memory of a lovely friend and minister - and near neighbour during our time living in Hardings, Panshanger.’ - by Jan & Heather Kinsman & family, in memory of Ray Copping

‘Such a lovely and loving friend.’ - by Ann Frost, in memory of Ray Copping

‘With love & in memory of a lovely lady who I shall miss seeing on my visits to North Wales.’ - by Nicola Tavernor, in memory of Alice Ivy Freeborough

‘In memory of Azza Hafes, and praying for peace for Yemen.’ - by Heidi Hafes, in memory of Azza Hafes

‘Rest in peace Uncle Ray. Love Charles, Zoe, Rory, and Lalise.’ - by Charles Vermeylen, in memory of Ray Copping

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