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More than 20 per cent of women worldwide have a persistent low income, compared to around 14 per cent of men. This makes women more likely to be exploited, face physical and sexual abuse, and become the victims of trafficking. This week, pray for women facing abuse and violence.

Sunday 26 May

Rama was promised a good job to support her family, instead, she was trafficked to a country where she worked as a maid (for no pay) and was sexually abused. When she escaped home, a Tearfund partner in Nepal, Shanti Foundation, helped her recover. Give thanks that Rama says, ‘They provided me with support so now I can stand on my own feet.’

Monday 27 May

Lift up Rama and people like her who have escaped trafficking, that they will find peace and healing, and ask that God will give them courage to speak out and help end this crime. Ask God to enable our partners to intervene in situations which force people into poverty and displacement, making them vulnerable to trafficking.

Tuesday 28 May

Badri, age 38, from Helambu in Nepal, used to believe that women were inferior. ‘I realised that intentionally or unintentionally I had been doing many kinds of violence on women,’ says Badri. ‘By thinking that my wife cannot lead the house, make decisions and is solely responsible for household chores and caring for children.’ Give thanks that, after taking part in a Tearfund-supported self-help group, he now respects and treats women as equals.

Wednesday 29 May

Tearfund partner Compassionate Hands For Nepal (CHFN) runs a family-strengthening programme to help men, like Badri, change their perception of women, to respect, value and treat them as equals. Pray for the work of CHFN, that they would transform more lives.

Thursday 30 May

CHFN works alongside local police who support them in bringing about behaviour change around issues of gender violence. ‘From what I’ve seen, in low-income homes, the occurrence of violence against women is more likely,’ says Himal, Head of the Helambu Police Office. He says that CHFN’s programmes are ‘highly appreciated’ because they help women earn an income as well as challenge abuse. Pray for closer collaboration between CHFN and local police.

Friday 31 May

‘CHFN helped needy women and girls to access local referral services, and helped them with a psychosocial counselling service which was not available in the village before,’ says Himal. Pray for more women who have encountered violence to get counselling services.

Saturday 1 June

‘... nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.’ (Galatians 3:28)

Lord, we lift up women facing inequality, abuse and poverty in Nepal. We pray that you will change the hearts of people who treat them as inferior and show them how you value and uphold women. Amen.

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