50,000 heading to the country that took in the world's most famous refugee

Egypt has a long history of supporting people fleeing war and persecution. Indeed today Coptic Christians are celebrating Christmas and the birth of the world’s most famous refugee.

This year, refugees will continue to flee their homes in fear of their lives and an estimated 50,000 are predicted to cross Egypt’s borders.

Conflicts in the region, such as those in Sudan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, have already propelled many thousands of desperate people to leave their homelands and settle there.

It’s estimated there are 600,000 unregistered refugees living in Egypt, mostly in Cairo, and most live in deep and enduring poverty.

Tearfund is supporting this growing tide of humanity through our partner Refuge Egypt, which operates out of a complex at All Saints Cathedral in Cairo.

Our partner's work has a tremendous impact on the health of the refugee community

Joel Hafvenstein, Tearfund's Head of the Middle East region

Staff run a clinic which offers healthcare, health education, pre and post-natal treatment, help with nutrition and support for patients with long term conditions, such as HIV and TB.

Joel Hafvenstein, Tearfund’s Head of the Middle East, said, ‘Our partner has been supporting these people who are completely outside the legal system and who struggle to access any services or work legally.

‘The work has a tremendous impact on the health of the refugee community and they do it not just via the clinic but by visits to the slums where the vast majority of refugees live.’

The work of Tearfund’s partner won special praise from the UN after it was one of the few organisations to keep its doors open to support refugees during Egypt’s political upheaval in 2011.

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