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Hunger steals life

Lynda from Malawi knows the terrible toll hunger can take. Three years of drought has robbed Lynda and her family of so much: stealing the joy from their lives and the potential from their future. Last year, she harvested just six bags of maize, and when that ran out, her children simply went to school hungry.

Then tragically, three years ago, her husband took his own life. Suddenly they were faced with the shock and grief of losing him, and an even harder struggle to survive.

However, there is hope for Lynda. She is being trained in a remarkable programme called Foundations for Farming – run by her local church and supported by Tearfund. The sustainable farming techniques she is learning can lead to a 50 per cent increases in her harvests – often the yields are far higher still!

The training has given Lynda a whole new outlook on the future. This year, as Lynda puts her knowledge to use, she’s looking forward to a far better harvest so she can provide more for her children.

Will you invest in hope?

All over the world there are men and women like Talia – ready to seize the initiative and turn their lives around.

All over the world there are men and women like Patience, stripped of all hope and dignity by hunger. You could help to rewrite the future for one more person like her.

All over the world there are villages just like Chagunda – struggling to survive and closely guarding the little food they do have.

This harvest you can help give families like Lynda's new hope.

£30 could provide three families with sustainable agricultural training, to grow enough food to survive as well as earn a living

£56 could give four households a provision of maize, soybean seeds and fertiliser, to help put hunger behind them

£80 could provide two families with goats or piglets to be able to breed and make a living, protecting them from hunger long term.

You could open the door of opportunity for another woman like Talia, through the local church.

You could open the door of opportunity and belonging for another Patience.

You could free them up to live lives of security and plenty.

You could free them up to live lives of security and plenty.

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We’re giving hope

Why we’re helping Tearfund follow Jesus where the need is greatest.

I know the 'boundaries have fallen for me in pleasant places...' (Psalms 16:6) and that I have a 'delightful inheritance' waiting for me. Sharing out of these blessings through Tearfund in this life is a joy for me.


Tearfund are in it for the long haul. After the cameras and media have left, I know Tearfund are there mending broken relationships and addressing the root causes of people’s problems.


Tearfund’s work is faith alive - it's putting God's love into action! Everything is done in prayer, and serves practical needs. I love it.


I support Tearfund because it works through the church and gives entire communities the training, knowledge and skills they need to lift themselves out of poverty.