Bring hope closer this Lent

the Lent Appeal

With an average of 20 murders committed every day, Honduras is one of the world’s most violent countries, and home to the most violent city in the world. You are actually more likely to be killed in San Pedro Sula than any other city on earth.* However, it is in places like this where we can follow Jesus to make the most profound difference. 
 * of all cities not at war (the United Nations)

You can help bring transformation

Angela is from San Pedro Sula, where the slum she calls home is perched precariously along a riverbank running through the centre of the city. Every day is a struggle for families in this community to find the work needed to survive. It is hard to imagine how their children can forge a better future, with schools out of reach and the constant threat of drug trafficking and gang violence.

With your help this Lent we want to bring Jesus’ transforming power to places like these.
If you would like to share this appeal with your church, you can download our appeal presentation here.

Photo: Esteban Felix/Associated Press

the Lent Appeal
could provide two women like Angela with committee and public speaking training to be able to promote and safeguard their rights.
could provide women with the tools and resources they need to attend courses that will allow them to provide for their families.
could help five slum communities find safer homes for all by holding community assemblies about their housing problem.