Bitter conflict. Widespread flooding. Deadly waterborne diseases. And now, coronavirus. There is no escape for families in South Sudan. Parents are facing an uphill battle to feed their families, but millions are going hungry. It’s children who are suffering the most. You can send them a lifeline.

The number of children under five suffering with acute malnutrition is dangerously high. It has risen to 1.3 million. Our feeding centres are needed more than ever. You can make sure that they reach even more people in need. People like Grace*.

Grace’s first baby died of hunger. She was alone and didn’t have the support she needed. Grace almost went through that devastating grief and pain again with her second child. But help was on hand.

Grace’s second baby was admitted to one of Tearfund’s feeding centres severely malnourished. But our team responded quickly and her baby made a full recovery. Our feeding centres provide life-saving treatment and care to pregnant women, new mothers and their children. They are vital in the fight against hunger.

Tearfund then invited Grace to further training where she learned about vital hygiene practices. She then became empowered to train as a counsellor. Grace now works at the feeding centre and provides support to mothers in desperate need. It’s a powerful example of how far your gift could go by supporting a mother like Grace and her baby.

Please give now so this important work can continue.

send a lifeline to South Sudan
will train five parents in nutrition and how to protect their children from malnutrition.
will enable a group of mothers like Grace to train fellow mothers and caregivers for a month on feeding and caring for infants, which helps prevent the spread of diseases and infections.
will help ensure a feeding centre runs safely during the pandemic by providing staff with a month’s worth of protective equipment.

At the moment, Tearfund is the only agency that runs feeding programmes in three of South Sudan’s counties. In one county alone, where Grace lives, 90 per cent of crops were destroyed by floods, leaving families without food or income. Children’s lives are depending on us. We must act together now.

Please give today to bring hope to mothers like Grace, who just want their babies to have the best start in life. And that begins with them having enough food to survive.

*Name changed to protect identity

Your gift will go directly to alleviate suffering through our programme in South Sudan