See For Yourself

...How the local Church makes all the difference

Tearfund is not the answer to a community’s problems – we believe that they are the answer.

It’s all about their understanding, their gifts, their determination.

And around the world, again and again, it’s the local church helping to make that difference. They are there helping communities unlock their God-given potential and rise out of poverty. They know the people, they know the problems and so often they can see simple, inexpensive solutions.

We would love you to support these amazing men and women of God as they stand with their communities and work tirelessly for change. Find out how you can do just that with the help of Tearfund...

Watch in real time as a community transforms itself

See how the local church is helping poor communities rebuild themselves, with love, support and practical training. Villages are striking out on a journey towards a different future, where they will have enough food, clean water, education and health. Step aboard…

Follow a community and see it for yourself in three simple steps...

1. Choose a community, 2. learn a little about it, 3. add your support.