Richard believes he would be dead if he had not met Jesus.

Before, he was consumed by alcohol. ‘I didn’t care if my wife and children were without food,’ says the father of five. ‘I would beat my wife.’

But hearing about the work of Tearfund partner Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG) prompted Richard to go to church.

‘They were saying that the cornerstone keeps the house straight. Inside, I knew I wanted my life to be straight.’

Now, Richard’s relationship with his wife Rose is transformed.

Thanks to PAG training, they’re learning new skills to make a living – together. Richard is fishing and Rose is baking bread, and they’ve grown new crops to help feed the family.

They still live in a grass-mud hut, leaving them vulnerable to malaria – but they’re saving up to build a more permanent home.

Life’s still tough but it’s on a much firmer footing.