• Decoding coronavirus

    Will God protect us? Why is this happening? Is the virus God’s judgement? Dr Ruth Valerio and Gideon Heugh explore the questions that Christians might be wrestling with during the coronavirus crisis.

  • A loaf of bread and a loo roll

    March 2020 marks over five years of conflict in Yemen. While we all face the struggles associated with a world health crisis, 24 million Yemenis already needed aid and protection before coronavirus began to spread globally. The cost of a loaf of bread and a loo roll can help.

  • Finding hope

    Particularly in this time of global distress over Coronavirus, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by fear and anxiety. But hope is not lost. There is no shame in needing mental health support. It’s got nothing to do with ‘mad’. It’s got to do with finding the strength to take on what can feel like a very lonely and frightening battle.

  • Basheeras living water

    A single mum with an uphill battle to find safe water for her family. Fortunately hope and help is at hand for her. A story of a good result in the face of challenges.