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Confidence building and business building in Myanmar

Traditionally women in Mai Pa Nyo’s village in Myanmar (also known as Burma) focus on household tasks and looking after children. But then Tearfund partner Myanmar Baptist Convention rallied her local church to actively study the Bible together and dream for the future. Mai and her friends realised they wanted to do something more both for themselves and their church.

By Prayer team | 18 Aug 2016

Mai Pa Nyo lives with her family in the village of Arsar in Myanmar (also known as Burma). She is from the Asho-Chin ethnic group and is the leader of the women’s group in her church.

She says, ‘In our Asho-Chin tradition, most girls have no chance to receive a higher education as we are expected to be at home and cook. Very few are educated and no woman in our village has ever finished high school. For married women, they are expected to take care of the children and help in the farm.’

However all this changed when Tearfund partner, Myanmar Baptist Convention, implemented the Empowered Communities Integrated Development (ECID) programme in Mai Pa Nyo’s village. Two ECID facilitators were trained and rallied the church to actively study the Bible together, and dream big dreams for the future.

Mai Pa Nyo says, ‘Through the Bible study, we had the idea that we may be able to work together and start making an income that we could then give to the church. In the beginning not many of us were very confident – however, we had confidence to just have a go and after five months, more of our group members joined and we started a small shop. The church coordination committee and the ECID facilitators helped us to build a shop and buy stocks. It was difficult at first, but we asked for advice and help, and after six months, we had made profits of around £110, which we then shared with the church.’

Now, more women in the village are starting to think about starting a business. They say, ‘As women, we feel more confident and others are now starting to follow our example.’

How wonderful that Mai Pa Nyo and others just like her are now empowered to start their own businesses and inspired to build their own future. Praise God that, thanks to your prayers and support, they have found a new confidence and self-belief.


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