• Fifty years, Fifty countries: Nepal

    Nepal is one of the poorest countries in Asia. With a lack of essential electricity and water, high levels of unemployment and widespread corruption, a quarter of the population live in extreme poverty – surviving on the equivalent of less than £1.45 a day.

  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Myanmar

    Myanmar is the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia and is bordered by India, China, Laos and Thailand. It’s an incredibly diverse nation, with 135 official ethnic groups and 119 different languages. Sadly, this has often led to sectarian violence. Last year saw the exodus of hundreds of thousands of the Rohingya people to neighbouring Bangladesh, fleeing violence in Northern Rakhine State.

  • A refreshing change

    What kind of decisions in your everyday life are influenced by your faith (if you have one)? As Tearfund’s Richard Lister has discovered,…

  • Marie sewing (credit: Aaron Koch/Tearfund)

    I put my hopes in a bag

    Sometimes the best ideas – moments of genius – come when you least expect them. For Marie it came on a building site in Kigali, Rwanda.…

  • Prayers near and far

    ‘I have prayed for you every day of your life,’ said an elderly aunt to my husband, aged 23, as he pushed her wheelchair into a family wedding. Surprisingly, until then he hadn’t known of this, but it all made sense of his experience of God’s blessing of salvation at the age of 18.

  • 'The day I started living'

    Mary talks of an emptiness she felt in her life. As she describes it, she was ‘not living but merely existing’. This is the story of how…