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Dr Ruth Valerio, Director of Global Advocacy and Influencing at Tearfund, said:

“The final episode of Perfect Planet should have us on our knees - in thankfulness for the amazing people who are so committed to bringing hope to our world, and in sadness at how we have messed it up so terribly.

“We need to acknowledge that, particularly in the economically developed parts of the world, we have failed and fallen dismally short of the role we should have been taking to look after and cherish other creatures, people living in poverty and tread carefully on the earth.

“We need to act urgently. As governments, businesses and in our own individual lives, we must make serious changes.

“This year the UK government has a crucial role to play in the fight against the climate crisis, as it hosts both the G7 summit in June and UN climate talks in Glasgow in November. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to help set the planet on a better course.”


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