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Tearfund reaction to cutting of overseas aid budget

25 Nov 2020

Today the UK government has announced that it is cutting the UK's overseas aid budget to 0.5% of national income, down from the legally binding target of 0.7%.

Reacting to the decision, Nigel Harris, Tearfund CEO, said: “As the world struggles to recover from Covid-19, it is more essential than ever that the UK maintains its historic commitment to spending 0.7% of national income supporting the poorest people on our planet. While it’s right the Chancellor addresses the needs of people in the UK, we must not forget our global community.

“People living in poverty are already pushed to the brink of survival everyday, this decision by the UK government is a cruel, badly calculated decision and could not have come at a worse time.

“Cutting the aid budget will have dire consequences for many of the people Tearfund works alongside who are suffering the twin horrors of Covid-19 and climate change.

“We are called by Jesus to love our neighbours and care for the vulnerable. Our commitment to 0.7% has enabled the UK to have a world leading role in providing life-saving vaccinations, education, access to clean energy alongside humanitarian support for communities impacted by conflict and climate change.

“The UK is due to host the UN climate talks and G7 Summit next year. How can we be seen as a credible global leader if we cut this vital funding?”

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