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Tearfund has cautiously welcomed Boris Johnson's announcement today on the new Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, but warns there are also some big things missing.

Sue Willsher, senior advisor on climate change at Tearfund, said: “The 10 Point-Plan is a positive step towards a greener, fairer future, setting out plans that will benefit us all with cleaner air and more jobs, but it stops short of being the full revolution that was promised and that we need.

“There are some key things missing, for example it sits uneasily with the fact that we are still spending billions of taxpayers’ money supporting oil and gas projects overseas. This needs to stop. The government should instead direct that investment towards renewable energy overseas.

“The climate crisis leaves no country untouched but often the poorest people most severely impacted, and requires strong and decisive leadership from the UK as hosts of the UN climate talks next year.”


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