Throughout the three years of her life, Nyalam Tut has been through violence, hunger, homelessness and poverty.

It's an experience shared by many in her homeland, South Sudan, where continuing conflict has led to 1.5 million fleeing their homes and 4.6 million needing food aid.

Fighting erupted at the end of 2013 between forces loyal to President Salva Kirr, who belongs to the Dinka ethnic group, and former Deputy President Riek Machar, who belongs to the Lou Nuer.

Peace efforts have failed and people like Nyalam have suffered as a result. Tearfund works extensively across South Sudan, which became an independent state in 2011, supporting those most in need.

We're providing food, everyday essentials, restoring livelihoods and repairing vital water supplies. Nyalam, for example, has benefited from our feeding programme for malnourished children.

South Sudanese mothers show their gratitude for Tearfund's work.

Unlocking potential

In areas of South Sudan less affected by the civil conflict, we are tackling long-term poverty in partnership with churches and communities.

By teaching people how to create new forms of income, families are now better able to fend for themselves and are able to save for less stable times ahead.

Unlocking people's potential means communities can come together to address common problems and the results can be more water-points, schools and even roads.

An evaluation of our work over recent years showed that Tearfund's church and community mobilisation approach has brought significant transformation, notably less hunger, greater peaceful co-existence between tribes, wealth creation and more infrastructure.

Prayer resources

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