Tearfund’s research and policy work seeks to ensure that the most biting issues facing people living in poverty today reach the top of the political agenda. 

We work with our partners at regional, national and international levels to make sure their expertise is represented when the decisions that affect them are made. We support our partners to engage with their own policy makers and as well as carrying out research and collating case studies so that their opinions reach global policy makers. This research also helps to generate vital media coverage and informs our programmatic and campaigning work. 

Tackling the root causes of poverty is just as important as dealing with the consequences and we aim to influence policy-makers in favour of people living in poverty and marginalised groups.

We work alongside governments and other NGOs on the issues of climate change, disaster risk reduction, HIV, water and sanitation, food security and governance and corruption.

Investing in poor communities to help them hold authorities to account can help ensure that resources are more effective in relieving poverty and that policies and practices change in a way which benefits the poorest and most vulnerable.
Tearfund Head of Policy, Laura Webster