Community empowerment

We know that the most effective way to tackle poverty is to enable people to discover the answer to poverty is already within them.

We work through churches wherever we can because they're at the heart of so many communities and where people work together, then whole communities are transformed.

Warmis - our partner at work in Cajamarca, Peru - started in 1999 when members of a church in Cajamarca town decided to visit the surrounding countryside for the first time. There they witnessed the needs of the people and realised they could help. So they did, straight away. 

Twelve years on and Warmis has grown from its early days running workshops for women and children, helping them learn to read and write, grow in their Christian faith, and develop handicraft skills. Today the Tearfund partner understands how important farming is for the community, and so they equip farmers to cope with climate change and make a living from the land. The team provides farmers with seeds, fertilisers and the means to protect the crops from pests. They’re also teaching farmers new irrigation techniques, so they’re not so reliant on the rain.

See for yourself how whole communities are being transformed just like this, through the power of the gospel and the releasing of people's potential.

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See for yourself

See for yourself how local churches are helping communities lift themselves out of poverty. Start your journey today.

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