Our work fighting hunger

Enough food is produced globally to feed everyone and yet about 1 in 8 of us (more than the EU and USA populations combined), go hungry every day.  Agriculture is the main source of livelihoods for most communities living in poverty, but smallholder farmers often cannot grow enough food or earn enough to buy sufficient nutritious food for their families. Women produce most of the world’s food, but tend to be more food insecure than men.

Tearfund and our local partner organisations work with small-scale farmers and herders all around the world so that they can grow or afford to buy enough nutritious food all year round, whatever the weather or economic climate.

Tearfund lobbies and campaigns to tackle the injustices that prevent people from having enough food to live a healthy and active life.

Food security

Tearfund partners and our operational staff work with small-scale farmers, herders and fishing communities all around the world so that they can have ...

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F6 Obtaining young trees

You may be fortunate to have a nearby nursery that has a good supply of tree seedlings. However, most farmers who want to plant a lot of trees ...

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F9 Preparing a tree nursery

It is very simple to build and look after a tree nursery. This can range from just a few trees growing in shade near your home to a large nursery ...

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