Middle East Emergency Appeal

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Across the Middle East, millions of people are suffering. In Syria and Iraq millions have fled their homes to escape the terrifying brutality of Islamic State (IS) militants.

Despite security risks, we’re at work on the ground supporting families who urgently need access to safe water, shelter and vital essentials. But we need to do so much more.

Please give and pray now to help those displaced by violence in Syria and Iraq.

the Middle East Emergency Appeal
can provide two families with hygiene kits, providing essentials such as soap, washing up liquid, shampoo and toothpaste to last for two months.
can provide a whole community with a water tank, giving a continuous supply of safe water and keeping families safe from the spread of water-borne disease.
could provide a displaced family with tarpaulins and other materials to seal off an unfinished building, making it safer for them to live in.

We have also drafted a letter to send to your MP about the UK response, available for Microsoft Word.

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