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The Justice Charter

Fourteen ways for churches to respond to injustice and bring good news to a broken world, together.

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Together, we respond

When we look at the contribution of African and Caribbean churches in the UK, we see that challenging injustice is at the heart of our rich heritage. Our churches have used pardner and susu to break through economic exclusion. We have marched through the streets in the face of racial injustice. And we have worked with the Government to challenge the criminalisation of our young people.

Now, a new generation has emerged, with new challenges to tackle. Climate change, shifting gender roles and a digitally connected world require us to return to God and his original plan for our relationships with each other and the planet. What is still true is that travelling together enables us to go far. Unity is still a sign that God has sent us (John 17:20–21).

With The Justice Charter, we refresh the vision under which we, as African and Caribbean churches, come together. The Charter was born out of a collaboration between leaders from The Well, Churches Together in England and Wales, the One People Commission of the Evangelical Alliance, Dr Dulcie Dixon McKenzie, and the wisdom of several additional influential church leaders. It sets out 14 commitments that our churches can make to respond to injustice in practical and transformational ways.

These 14 commitments span five areas of justice – economic, racial, climate, gender, and religious injustice – and are intended to encourage churches to think about these both locally and globally.

Join us in responding to injustice in our world

Sign the Charter
A group of people standing outside a brick church building

Pastor Donat stands with members of the self-help group in Rwanda. Nyagahandagaza Anglican Church hosts the groups which have enabled significant material and spiritual transformation and seen the church grow by 120 members in two years | Credit: Steve Adams/Tearfund

The Charter

1. We commit to living a life of justice, seeking to do justice in the world through the ways we live and act, and by challenging systems of injustice to reduce inequality around us.

Economic justice:

2. We commit to supporting entrepreneurship and the positive role of business to bring dignity, livelihoods, and foster a flourishing society.

3. We commit to being responsible consumers, asking the questions of how the people and places involved in our food, clothes and purchases are treated, choosing to buy ethically and calling on corporations to provide fair wages and just working conditions.

4. We commit to calling on governments and corporations to cancel the debts of economically marginalised countries and pursue trade practices that are built on fairness and equity.

Racial justice:

5. We commit to eliminating racial disparities through launching or engaging with programmes in areas such as education, economic marginalisation, healthcare, employment, political representation and others.

6. We commit to fostering reconciliation where there are racial and ethnic divisions within our church and society.

7. We commit to calling on governments to eradicate policies that perpetuate racism through public and private institutions, and prevent the introduction of new policies to the same effect.

Climate justice:

8. We commit to preaching and teaching on the biblical basis for God’s love for the whole of creation, and our duty to respond to the climate crisis.

9. We commit to investigating and reducing our plastic use and carbon footprint in any church buildings we own or use, and encouraging our members to do the same at home.

10. We commit to calling on governments to take action and follow through on their promises to tackle the climate crisis, and move to a greener economy that brings justice and helps reduce inequality.

Gender justice:

11. We commit to promoting a liberating biblical understanding of the inherent worth and dignity of both men and women, and to practising the full equality and participation of women and men in all aspects of the church and society.

12. We commit to challenging and condemning all forms of gender-based violence in the church and society, and to providing and advocating for the adequate provision of counselling and pastoral care, healthcare, and criminal justice for survivors of gender-based violence.

Religious justice:

13. We commit to standing in prayer with our Christian sisters and brothers who are experiencing persecution, and with all those oppressed because of their religious beliefs. We commit to championing the freedom, peace and reconciliation that Christ modelled.

14. We commit to calling on governments to eradicate policies that allow for the mistreatment and marginalisation of individuals and communities because of their religious beliefs, and to prevent the introduction of new policies to the same effect.

Join us in responding to injustice in our world

Sign the Charter

Signing the Justice Charter

When signing the Charter, churches are committing to tackling at least one of the five areas of justice. We ask that you spend at least one year addressing your selected area(s). After the first year, you can continue to work on your selected area(s) for further years, choose a different area to work on, or end your Charter commitment.

To sign on to the Charter, simply complete the form on this page. Once you have signed, your probable first step will be to work with the leaders in your church to develop an action plan for your selected area of justice, if you don’t have one already. Communicate your new Charter status and action plan with your congregation using the Charter Resource Pack, join events and discussions with other churches who are also working in your area of justice, and please remember to share your progress with The Well along the way. We will be in contact throughout your journey to offer support.

Not ready to sign yet? Send us an email with your questions and we'll arrange a call.

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