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Tearfund is a Christian organisation. What does that mean? Does our faith actually affect the way we do our work around the world? What difference does the ‘Christian’ make in a Christian organisation?

To mark our 50th anniversary we commissioned a special research project, Faith in Action, to establish the practical difference our faith has made and continues to make.

You can download and read Tearfund’s insights and learnings from the research below. Faith in Action report

The full academic report is available on request from publications@tearfund.org.

The Faith Factor

There are three ways in particular that our faith means we do things differently to most other charities.

The local church

Where possible, we work with and through the local church, encouraging it to become an agent of change in the community.

Changing attitudes and behaviour

We have strong ties with faith leaders around the world, helping them to influence their communities positively.

Building movements

We harness the potential of church networks to build popular movements and speak out against injustice.

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