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This Christmas, help families escape hunger for good.

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Alaya* and her husband, Bazwell, can’t feed their children. Extreme flooding and deadly droughts keep destroying their crops and damaging their home. Their family is going hungry. You can help.

‘As a mother, I feel very bad,’ says Alaya. ‘My child is crying, she wants food, but I don't have food… I don't have anything to give her, and I feel very sad.’

In Malawi, where the family lives, weather patterns that have guided generations of farmers have changed. This is putting everyone at risk. 2.6 million people now face hunger – and the pandemic is making everything worse. Alaya knows of people in her community who have died from starvation. Her family are going hungry for 11 months of the year as there’s just not enough food. Alaya and her husband will often go without, so there’s a little more for the children.

‘My worst fear is that my children may die. How can they eat if their mother has no food?’ Alaya says.

But with the help of our local partner, Alaya and her family will be released from hunger. They are teaching families like hers how to farm under these tough conditions. Training like this is saving lives, and it means that families like Alaya’s will be able to use these skills to escape poverty for good.

Hunger steals lives and destroys hope. This Christmas be a part of something extraordinary. Use your present to help change their future. Give the gift of hope.

*Names have been changed to protect identities.

This Christmas, give the gift of hope so that families around the world can escape hunger for good.

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