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Face your staircase and rise to the challenge. Take steps to help end poverty with this home climbing fundraiser.

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Time to Climb

Join The Climb and get sponsored for the steps you take. Make the most of your lockdown and help people living in poverty who’ll face the challenges of coronavirus more severely than we will. There's never been a better time to use what's in front of us to make a difference. And, as an added bonus, you’ll keep fit!

... there are a lot more steps to come!

Join The Climb and get sponsored for the steps you take

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How it works

By taking part in The Climb you can raise money for Tearfund’s life-saving work across the world. You can take to the stairs in your home or simply step on and off a box until you reach the top...

We recommend you climb the equivalent height of the Four Peaks, Kilimanjaro if you want more of a challenge, or Ben Nevis if you want to make it slightly easier. It’s up to you over how many days you choose to complete the climb. Do the maths to match your fitness level. You could take the challenge over a month, a couple of weekends or in a day if you’re a seasoned climber…

Here are a few suggestions:

Beginner - Ben Nevis


Ascents per day

28 days = 17 ascents

14 days = 35 ascents

7 days = 69 ascents

Moderate - Four Peaks


Ascents per day

28 days = 55 ascents

14 days = 110 ascents

7 days = 220 ascents

Experienced - Kilimanjaro


Ascents per day

28 days = 76 ascents

14 days = 152 ascents

7 days = 304 ascents

(An ascent is one climb of an average staircase, containing 15 steps)

Now is the time to help end poverty

Living in poverty is a hard mountain to climb. But by taking this challenge you will be with them every step of the way.

The full impact of coronavirus on poor communities is still unknown. But by raising money, you will help us to spread the message of good hygiene practices and hand washing, as you support our life-saving work across the world.

Every £120 you raise will help Tearfund respond to coronavirus, including promoting hygiene practices, providing food for those in quarantine and building hand washing stations.

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The Climb

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here, please email teamtearfund@tearfund.org or contact our lovely Community Fundraising team on 020 3906 3390 .

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