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Help Nida - take on the Mean Bean Challenge

After a long day at work, a decent dinner is the least that most of us expect. But for Nida, arriving home after an 11 hour day just means more work.

Nida lives in Pakistan. With her husband too ill to work, it is down to her and her 14-year-old daughter to support the family. So, every day, Nida sets off at 6am to walk over an hour to clean all day at a school. When she gets home, at around 5pm, she catches up on her own jobs – cooking, washing and more cleaning. This is all despite Nida not being well herself.

In spite of how hard she works, dinner is a simple affair: bread with lentils or vegetables. This and a small breakfast are the only meals Nida and her family will eat all day. ‘I cannot afford clothes, school fees and good food for my children,’ she says.

Putting waste to good use

But hope is coming, in the unlikely form of waste management. Pakistan produces around 20 million tonnes of waste each year; half of which remains uncollected. Nida and her family live their life set amongst a backdrop of rubbish. ‘When the children come in contact with some dirty place it leads to skin diseases,’ says Nida.

Tearfund partner Pak Mission Society (PMS) aims to change all that by training local people like Nida to collect and treat waste products at new community recycling hubs, enabling them to earn an income from selling on recyclable waste and compost.

'I want my children to be educated, so that they can wear good clothes and eat good food. They must have a good shelter.' Nida

Precious savings

As well as increasing her income, working at the hub would save Nida precious hours – more time to spend with her children, care for her husband and look after herself. The family could eat a balanced diet, they could pay for the medicines they need, and the children would not have to miss out on school.

But training people to work at the hub takes money. Every pound you raise through the Mean Bean Challenge could make a difference for people like Nida.

Together, we can beat hunger. Together, we can help turn lives around.

Eat Beans Fight Hunger.

Mean Bean Challenge

Eat Beans Fight Hunger.