How we've helped Binod build firm foundations for the future

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The six months since the Nepal earthquake have been a busy time for Binod Ghale and the months ahead will be no less frenetic.

Not only does he have a newborn son, Saugat, to care for, but a home to rebuild and skills to improve that’ll boost his income and standard of living.

Generous support for Tearfund’s Nepal appeal meant that when Binod’s house in Ghalegaon Makwanpur, was left badly damaged and unsafe as a result of the quake, the 22-year-old’s family, including his grandmother, weren’t left bereft.

Tarpaulin sheets and blankets supplied by one of our partners enabled him to create a waterproof shelter, which proved invaluable when the monsoon rains started.

Later he was given two bundles of corrugated iron sheets, which he was able to erect over a timber structure and it was in this temporary house that his son was born.

Binod Ghale
Building new skills: Binod Ghale. Photo: Ben Keenan/Tearfund

Destroying to rebuild

Tearfund's Nepali partners are also helping Binod by improving his skills as a stonemason, enabling him to build earthquake-resistant buildings. Over the last three years, he’s been working as a stonemason’s assistant in Kathmandu, so Tearfund’s training will build on his existing knowledge.

Binod is one of 180 masons that our partners are training. Their skills will be much in demand as many damaged areas have few skilled craftsmen to call on.

They’ve learnt:

  • the causes, effects and types of damage to homes caused by earthquakes
  • how to select good building materials
  • how to apply earthquake resilient construction techniques to buildings of stone and brick, e.g. by building better foundations, using reinforced concrete, constructing more stable roofs with bracing locking systems in the walls and roof

Despite facing the prospect of having to flatten his damaged house and rebuild it, Binod is grateful that Tearfund's partner's are equipping him with the skills to not only rebuild his own future, but that of many others affected by the quake.

Please pray for Binod and others like him who face months of rebuilding work in Nepal.

Binod Ghale. Photo: Ben Keenan/Tearfund
Binod, centre, gets to grips with construction. Photo: Ben Keenan/Tearfund
Mark Lang