Memory Wall

Our online memory wall is a special place for people who would like to leave a message with their donation made in memory of their loved one.

‘In memory of Margaret's son Roy.’
- by J Jacobs, in memory of Roy Pardoe

‘In memory of Muriel, a lovely Christian lady.’
- by Catherine Neighbour, in memory of Muriel Wick

‘Giving thanks for the life of a lovely lady.’
- by Jane Shaw, in memory of Muriel Wick

‘In memory of Timothy Harding.’
- by Robert Preece

‘In memory of Muriel. Love and blessings to the family.’
- by Sue Beacock, in memory of Muriel Wick

‘In memory of a very special teacher, and a very special person. Thinking of you xxx.’
- by Jo Taylor, in memory of Muriel Wick

‘Special memories of you Mum, all my love and more. See you again one day xxxxx.’
- by Trisha Wick, in memory of Muriel Wick

‘Dear Auntie Johnny - May you rest in peace and happiness after giving so much joy to those who knew you.’
- by Wendy, Robert, Emma and William, in memory of Muriel Wick

‘Happy Birthday in heaven darling 15 next week Xxx.’
- by Yvonne Hart in memory of Imogen Mead

‘In memory of Michael Farran.’
- by Colin Fry

‘Giving in memory of my Dad, Malcolm Miller.’
- by Anne Mirner

‘Miss you always Aunt Joan, you where the best. Love you.’
- by Colleen Thompson and Family in memory of Joan Armitage

‘This donation has been made instead of flower, in memory of Rodney Anderson. It will go to Tearfund's work with children, as this was an area he was passionate about.’
- by Trevor Anderson

‘Rodney was a well loved member of our skating family and will be sorely missed.’
- On behalf of the committee and members of Dundonald Ice Skating Club, in memory of Rodney Anderson

‘A donation to this charity is being made in loving memory of Mrs. Bernice Blair, on behalf of her son Astley L. Blair of Marine Well Containment Company.’
- by Melissa Maddox

‘For our darling son Kenny, who joined his Heavenly home at the age of 19 years ( 04/05/2004 ). Loved and missed so much everyday God bless xx’
- by Dianne McMurtrie, in memory of Kenny McMurtrie

‘In memory of Joyce Reynolds’
- with love Robert, Geoff, Karen, Eleanor.

‘Funeral collection in memory of Mrs Sheila Lawson’
- by Sharon Lawson

‘From a good heart! I hope it helps to lift you in Jesus name. Amen.’
- by Angela Gardner in memory of Susan Gardner

‘My parents have supported Tearfund over the years. They regularly prayed for those who didn't have enough food at meal times, and saw giving to Tearfund as a way to do something about it. So it seemed appropriate to ask for contributions at Dad's funeral.’
- by Anne Elledge in memory of Jim Mager

‘In memory of Frances Thompson.’
- by Katherine Thompson

‘With love Mum for all you did for us. Xxx’
- by Hilary Field in memory of Nellie Field

‘In memory of Simon and Elsie Guzha’
- by Lynne Guzha

‘Hoping that this donation will be given to the neediest recipients.’
- by Susan Raspin, in memory of Mrs Amy Murphy

‘Gift from the collection taken at the Thanksgiving Service for our lovely and much missed mother.’
- by Esther, Catherine, David, Ruth, in memory of Mrs Diana Fletcher

‘In memory of a devoted Christian committed to spreading the Gospel by every means.’
- by Ruth Miller in memory of Nigel Swinford

‘I know my lovely Iranian Christian friend would have loved to help the people of Yemen. This is in his memory nearly three years after his passing into heaven.’
- by Jen Martin in memory of Mostafa Resvani

'In memory of a wonderful colleague and friend, so much loved and missed by so many.'
- by Jane Moss in memory of Fiona Mayor

'This was a collection taken at Sybil's funeral service at her request.'
- by Mark Cooke in memory of Sybil Cooke

‘In memory of my son Kenny who joined his Heavenly family at the age of 19 years 04/05/04 God bless XX’
- by Dianne McMurtie

‘In memory of my wonderful granny who gave so much to others. Deeply loved and deeply missed, she changed many people's lives for the better.’
- by Emma Donaldson Coyle in memory of Florence Colclough

‘Ruth always supported Tearfund and wanted to give something as part of her legacy.’
- by Peter Camper in memory of Ruth Camper

‘Praise the Lord!’
- by Mark Seidman

‘In memory of Gill Pentney.'
- by Jane Hume

‘In memory of Ceinwen Williams.'
- by Ceridwen Williams

 ‘In memory of our dear son Simon who fought his 'CF' battle with courage and optimism until the day he died aged 36. We loved him so much.’
- by Anthony May

‘Denise was a nurse for many year at the Western general in Edinburgh. She was a deeply caring individual who went above and beyond for so many that knew her. She was devoted to her patients and her family. She is still greatly missed by those who knew her. I trust she is home in the arms of our Lord. Her greatest security and contentment in Christ came When she knew her time on this earth was coming to an end. The Lords peace shone from her in her final days.’
- by Lisa Young in memory of Denise Constable

‘This donation is in memory of Andrew Vinen, a thoughtful, generous and steadfast friend and great supporter of Tearfund. He will be much missed.'
- by Melanie Smith in memory of Andrew Vinen

‘In memory of Gordon Bedford.’
- by Jeff Powney

‘In memory of one who loved the Lord.’
- by Paul in memory of Christine Harris

‘This is in memory of my wonderful husband and myself.’
- by Ann Richardson

‘In loving memory of my dear Mother who served her Lord during her walk through life with it's rough and smooth paths.’
- by Heather in memory of Daphne Perrin

‘I was sad not to be able to attend Ralph's funeral but was thinking of all the family at the time, especially his elder sister. May he rest in peace and rise in glory, which I am sure he will.’
- by Priscilla in memory of Ralph Deane

‘Donated in memory of my incredible gramps on our first Christmas without him.’
- by Sarah in memory of Leo Ellery

‘In memory for our loved Ralph.’
- by Rolf Neidhart in memory of Ralf Deane

‘In memory of Emily Jane (Jean) Henderson.’
- by David Orr

‘In memory of Graham Elliott’
- by Barbara Elliott

‘In memory of wife Gloria & daughter Dawn who are dearly loved and who are dearly missed.’
- by Colin Roberts

‘In memory of Margaret Donaldson.’
- by George Donaldson

‘Goodbye Faith, fond memories of more than 60+ years of friendship, Love Roy (Chapman).’
- In memory of Faith Honeysett

‘Forever loved. Til the day we are reunited in heaven.’
- by Katy in memory of Elaine McDonnell

‘In loving memory of a dear brother and brother in law. A beautifully kind and gentle man who was deeply loved and will be sadly missed. Sleep peacefully Billy with all our love from Tom and Margaret xxx’
- in memory of William Anderson

‘In memory of Hazel.’
- by Samuel Robinson

‘Happy memories of Tim: a kind and generous man’
- by Carol in memory of Tim Buzzard

‘In fond memory of Mabel who was a long-term supporter of Tearfund, not to mention a faithful supporter of all she came into contact with.’
- by Paul in memory of Mabel Dobney

‘In memory of Martin Murphy'
- by John McCabe

‘In loving memory of Sheila, Lizzie, Ruth & David's Mum, rest in peace.'
- by Elizabeth Floodgate in memory of Mrs Brown

‘In memory of a loved brother-in-law who had compassion for those who lived in poverty in Africa.’
- by Sheila James in memory of Graham Berry

‘In memory of a lifetime family friend with much love from Olive, David, Donna and girls.' 
- by David Eva in memory of Hazel Jefford

‘In loving memory of Iris Burt (21/10/1943 - 13/10/2019)’
- by Christopher Smith

‘In memory of the most faithful, loving and devoted Bible Study group leaders for 26 years of prayers and fellowship.’
- by Sarah in memory of Philip and Pam Warburton

‘In memory of my uncle who often put a smile on my face.’
- by Ruth in memory of Arthur Tyler

‘To a dear friend who will never be forgotten.’
- by Mrs Bardwell in memory of Joyce Le Boutillier

‘In grateful memory of my cousin and the many happy memories that we have shared over the years including our Christian faith.’
- by Jean in memory of Arthur Tyler

‘You've left a big gap.’
- by Dorothy in memory of Etty Morris

‘This was a wish that you would be blessed with 200 pounds. She reached the grand age of 90 and followed your work all through the years.’
- by Sara Elmes, in memory of her mother Mrs Marguerite Lawrie

‘Missing you so much. xx’
- by Patricia Murphy, in memory of her sister Mrs Daphne Renwick

‘Our daughter died when she was 24. Had she lived she would have loved to support Tearfund's work in Africa as she was born in Durban.’
- by Diana Taylor, in memory of Miss Kathleen Taylor

‘My dearest wife who has been a follower of tear fund for as long as I can remember but passed away with Cancer in January 2018.’
- by Ron Church, in memory of his wife Mrs Annette Church

‘In memory of a wonderful teacher, already missed. xx’
- by Victoria Siddons, in memory of Mr John Reed

‘To a darling husband whom I was devoted to for 56 years. I can’t wait to join him in Heaven with our Lord.’
- by Ann Richardson, in memory of her husband Mr Allan Richardson.

‘A dedicated servant of God.’
- by Malcolm Taylor, in memory of Rev Marcus Taylor

‘In loving memory of Rev Roger Fray, a friend from St Nicolas' Newbury, who took God's message to the Vendee in France and lived it there.’
- by Ian Park, in memory of Rev Roger Fray

‘(Donation) From her legacy.’
- by Dr Robert Alliott, in memory of Miss Marian Millwater

‘A very special lady. Love Pam & Lee’
- by Pam Carter in memory of Mrs Ethel Morris

‘My grandson was a generous person before he passed from this world at the age of 30, always ready to give to those in need and as he cannot give himself, I now give on his behalf.’
- by Brenda Robinson, in memory of her grandson Mr Simon Harris

‘Remembered with Much Love.’
- by Sheila Lawson, in memory of her husband Mr John Lawson

‘To remember a lovely lady.’
- by Gwen Macauley in memory of Mrs Joyce Walley

‘This is for people like Sylvia who in times of trauma show so much courage and belief that God will provide for them.’
- by Josephine John in memory of her husband Mr Peter John

‘Please help a family in Yemen. Thank you.’
- by Jeanne Mendis Abeysekera in memory of Sunil Abeysekera

‘Money donated at my mother's memorial service in July 2019. When recording wishes for her funeral a few years ago, she suggested Tearfund as one of the charities for people to donate to.’
- by Fergus Campbell, in memory of Dr Norah Campbell

'In loving memory, funds to be used for God’s glory.’
- by Winston Mattis, in memory of Mr Terry Horton

‘Iris Wilson passed away in 2002 but it has only just come to light of her wishes to donate £10 to the Tear fund. As it has been such a long time I feel I need to match this donation.’
- by Philip Palmer, in memory of Miss Iris Wilson

‘The best gift that God gave us is you Mum, I miss the moments when God gave us to be with you.

I remember clearly like it was yesterday the last moment when I visited an orphan family (Njihia's Family) our neighbour at home with colleagues and support from Tearfund Nairobi colleagues back in 2007, you were overwhelmed when we came home to see you too, we shared a lot and took photos together only did I knew 10 days later you will leave us, you never saw the photos either when I picked them from the studio because you were gone.

You were a great Mom, a Mother to many and such with a big heart to love people. I was then young and had just joined Tearfund, you were happy when I gave you testimonies of my new job; even though you are gone, I thank God for His love, provision, comfort and abundant blessings over the years. I miss you and love you. May your soul RIP. Your daughter Nyambura.’
- by Elizabeth Karimi, in memory of her mother Leah Karimi

‘In memory of a much loved Aunt. From Kathleen and Derek.’
- by Kathleen Rodgers, in memory of Mrs Nan Burns

‘For love.’
- by Jennie Crow, in memory of her parents Mr & Mrs Ian & Ann Crow

‘Donation from sale of Sylvia's craft items following her death earlier this year.’
- by Christine Dunnington, in memory of Mrs Sylvia Grierson

‘In loving memory of Val Sparks. May she rest in peace.’
- by Nicholas Bartleet, in memory of Mrs Valerie Sparks

‘In memory of a much loved aunt, herself a keen supporter of Tear Fund.’
- by Rev Canon Keith Anderson, in memory of Miss Frances Freda Taylor

‘In memory of Ro.’
- by Ann Pooley, in memory of Mrs Ro Halling

‘In loving memory of a wonderful person, wife, mother and friend. We will all miss you, you are in our thoughts.’
- by Michael and Pooh in memory of Dr Joy Helene Bache

‘Thankyou for your love and kindness to us all Church, Family and Friends. Jesus calls us over the tumult, Over life’s tempestuous sea, Day by Day his voice is Calling, Saying Christian follow me. Another lovely hymn by Cecil F Alexander. Love to Burns Family.’
- by John Colhoun, in memory of Mrs Nan Burns

‘In memory of Ruth Dummett from her nephew.’
- by Christian Dummett, in memory of Ms Ruth Dummett

‘Thanks for your encouragement Doreen. Rest in the Lord.’
- by Richard Hale, in memory of Mrs Doreen Hadley Rowe

‘In memory of my father Philip King, who died recently, and was a Tear Fund supporter.’
- by Ian King, in memory of Mr Philip King

‘In loving memory of a much-treasured member of our church family.’
- by Lindsay Griffiths, in memory of Mrs Joy Bache

‘Joy was a truly wonderful person, I will miss her.’
- by Marie Strom, in memory of Mrs Joy Bache

‘In memory of a good friend. From Brenda Little’
- by Karen Little, in memory of Mr Raymond Brooks

‘In loving memory of Sheila, my cousin and Godmother.’
- by Lesley Bell, in memory of Mrs Sheila Toone

‘God be with you all in your terrible situation. May the light of Jesus shine into your oppressors hearts. In his mighty Name.’
- by Barrie Clark, in memory of Miss Natasha Clark

‘One year on and the pain of missing you is almost unbearable at times.’
- by Evelyn Curran, in memory of Mr Harry Curran

‘In grateful memory of our dear son, Sam Martin, of Queen Edith Chapel, Cambridge.’
- by Jane Martin, in memory of our son Sam Martin

'In memory of our friend Valerie.’
- by Gordon and Audrey Riley in memory of Mrs Valerie Walkden

‘In memory of Uncle Eric and all those great surprise family parties. Rest in Peace.’
- by Val & Brian Aldred and families, in memory of Mr Frederick Henry Walker

‘Moira Butler's nominated charity.’
- by George Butler, in memory of Mrs Moira Butler

‘With sincere condolances to Barbara and family for your loss. Love and best wishes Margaret, Betty and families xx’
- by Betty Roberts, in memory of Mr Glyn Ducket

‘This is in memory of my wonderful Mum and Dad who died 11 months apart and whom I miss everyday.’
- by Kimberley Hunt, in memory of Carol & John Harrison

‘Kindly raised by Val Sparks in memory of Hazel Nasmyth-Miller’
- by Daniel Nasmyth-Miller, in memory of Mrs Hazel Nasmyth-Miller

‘John and his late wife Olwen were dear friends for more than forty years and are much missed.’
- by Margaret O’Connell in memory of Mr John Morgan

‘In memory of my first husband, Bob, who died 50 years ago aged 21.’
- by Catharine Parfitt in memory of Bob

‘They are suffering in Pakistan Aunty Dore and I am giving them a pound on your behalf. Hope you are fine and dandy wherever u r. Love Dave Brown’
- by David Brown, in memory of Mrs Doreen Williams

‘In memory of a very dear friend who loved our Lord and was a faithful disciple.’
- by Phillip Attwood, in memory of Mrs Ro Halling

‘In memory of Roy, with thanksgiving for a life well lived, his faith in Jesus, and his example of practical care and support of others.’
- by Diane Church, in memory of Mr Roy Shilleto

‘In loving memory of my amazing Mum. Always so full of compassion and wanting to help others. Miss you Mum. Love Becky.’
- by Becky Robinson, in memory of Mrs Valerie Haedicke

‘In loving memory of my parents’
- by Rosemary Williams, in memory of Patricia & Robert O'Farrell

‘In memory of a wonderful life. Roy, you were always a generous, kind and wonderful man. You will be missed. Rest In Peace. Much love, Chris & Ronit’
- by Christopher Ziesler, in memory of Roy Shilleto

‘Gone but not forgotten. You taught me the art and importance of giving.’
- by E. Shaw, in memory of L. Shaw

‘My Great Aunts were not rich but gave sacrificially all their lives to those in need. In making this small gift in their name I wish to give thanks for the influence they had on my life and the lives of many others.’
- by Reverend Peter Eastwood, in memory of Miss Lily Taylor & Miss Annie Taylor

‘In memory of dad who lived and worked with a servant heart.’
- by Reverend Deb Cousins, in memory of Mr John Philip

‘All my love, as always, Andy’
- by Andy Dyson, in memory of Mrs Muriel Dyson

‘In memory of my Cousin, Patsy Orr, always in our’
- by Dolores Rose, in memory of Patsy Orr

‘In memory of my late husband.’
- by Winny Fryer, in memory of Dr Paul Fryer

‘In loving memory of our Mum and Dad, from donations for a few bits of furniture. Both a great spiritual example to us all. Much loved and missed daily. Karen.’
- by Karen Spencer, in memory of Mrs Kathleen Roberts

‘I know that you cared about suffering in our world. I have given your birthday present to this charity on your behalf.’
- by Shirley Dighton, in memory of Ben

‘Loving God bless your people everywhere.’
- by Heather Boyd, in memory of her parent

'I miss you so much xxx'

- by Patricia Murphy in memory of Mrs Daphne Renwick

’In memory of Jean Grace with much love and good memories. ’
- by Rob Riley, in memory of Ms Jean Grace

‘Still think of you after 22 years.’
- by Doreen Taylor, in memory of Mr Samuel E. Petherick

‘Remembering a very precious and loving husband, three years on.’
- by Cecilia Bell, in memory of Rev Michael Henry Bell

‘May more lives be improved with Gods help.’
- by Heather Boyd, in memory of Mrs Daphne Perrin

‘In memory of our dear son, Seth, who was born sleeping 10 years ago.’
- by Rev Ian McManus, in memory of Seth McManus

‘Lots of love always Grandpa, Kate and Lyns xxx’
- by Kate Warby, in memory of Mr Alan Mcgregor

‘In very loving memory of a truly wonderful person’
- by Martin Birchon, in memory of Ms Cathy Booth

‘In loving memory of mum of 5 and grandma of 10, Margaret Culpitt-Smith’
- by Karen Naylor, in memory of Mrs Margaret Culpitt-Smith

‘In memory of Frank Finney, dedicated husband, father and grandfather who lived life well and will be much missed by all who knew him.’
- by Jill Palmer, in memory of Mr Frank Finney

‘In memory of my dear Grandad Pastor Roy Cavinder, a loyal supporter of this charity who passionately shared his faith with all those around him. I feel truly blessed to have had a Grandad as loving, kind and giving as he was - he really was a gift. God bless you forever and always x’
- by Harriet Tame, in memory of Pastor Roy Cavinder

‘Alan himself, like Tearfund, was full of compassion, and led many to trust in Jesus.’
- by Harsha Mason, in memory of Reverend Alan MacGregor

‘In memory of Jeanette McCune (Netta) with much love and good memories.’
- by Elizabeth Mitchell in memory of Jeanette McCune

‘In memory of my precious mother to help others in need of knowing the love of their heavenly Father.’
- by Abigail Gallagher in memory of Mrs Mary Jane Donaldson

‘In Memory of a good friend’
- by Allan Best in memory of Mr Peter Adams

‘We remember with great affection our very dear friend Guy Vine, who was an inspiration and encouragement to us in our walk with Jesus for nearly fifty years.’
- by Sue and Alan Dorman in memory of Dr Guy Vine

‘Our thoughts are with Ian and the family at this sad time, yet celebrating Rosie as a wonderful friend and spiritual support to us in so many ways ... her joy in the Lord and deep prayerfulness continue to inspire. Thankyou Rosie. All our love and prayers Richard & Sylvia.’
- by Richard & Sylvia Zair in memory of Rosie Howard

‘To support the work of our Lord with his people in need.’
- by Eileen Palmer in memory of Violet Boyle

‘In memory of a wonderful and giving person who meant a great deal to her family and to me. Always in our hearts. Miss you Stella.’
- by Andrew Spence in memory of Stella Lewis

‘Janet was a volunteer area representative (based in Stamford Lincolnshire) for Tear Fund for a number of years over 20 years ago. This was collected at her Thanksgiving service and it is a pleasure to give this in memory of Janet.’
- by Marian Kempson in memory of Janet Kempson

‘A token of respect for a fine individual imbued with simple Christian principles.’
- by P Loftus in memory of Gillian Cast

‘A Christmas Gift in your memory. Miss you xx’
- by Kirsten Hughes-Hallett in memory of Marcus Hughes-Hallett

‘In memory of my colleague.’
- by Vanessa Savage in memory of Margaret Cant

‘Given in loving memory of my dear sister.’
- by Anne Deadman in memory of Mrs Veronica Agius

‘We are delighted to give to this cause in memory of Audrey who was very kind to our family and a lovely friend. Delitia Jennifer and Judith Knowles’
- by Judith Knowles in memory of Mrs Audrey Platt

‘In memory of Mary Fitzpatrick - REST IN PEACE’
- by Ms E Graham in memory of Mrs Mary Fitzpatrick

‘Dear Grandma, you have inspired me to give more to those who are in need, and I take great joy in doing this in your memory, which will always live on in your family who love you so much.’
- by Lorna Williamson in memory of Joyce Drew

‘Penny and I have always loved what tear fund does and stands for, and as she will no longer be with us for Christmas, this is a lovely way to spend the money that would have gone towards her present. God bless you all. Andy ’
- by Andrew Webb in memory of Penny Webb

‘Remembering a faithful dear woman with love.....’
- by Chris Hills in memory of Pat Bedford

‘In death as in life your generosity Harry is awesome.’
- by Evelyn Curran in memory of Harry Curran

‘I miss you Mum thank you for everything you did for me xxx’
- by Belinda Richards in memory of Pat Richards

‘In memory of a much loved Aunt.’
- by Mrs Lucy Hooper in memory of Mrs Phyllis Morris

‘To help others in memory of my Mum & Dad’
- by Mrs Clare Arthey in memory of Wendy & Peris Jones

‘To Iris with love Pat and family’
- by Mrs Dawn Oborne in memory of Mrs Iris Fletcher

‘My late husband and I have four families who will be warm and safe this Christmas. This donation is given in loving memory of him and with thankfulness to God for all we shared with our children and grandchildren before his death three years ago.’
- by Mrs Sheila McGregor in memory of Rev Alistair McGregor

‘In memory of our cousin Phyllis, always in our hearts and prayers. Love from Doreen Spedding and Robert Gray X’
- by Mrs Doreen Spedding in memory of Mrs Phyllis Morris

‘From all at Chiltern Church, Sutton, Surrey in memory of Phyl Morris, wife of our Pastor at the Church during the nineties. With good memories, by so many, of their work together, of church growth, new initiatives started, great pastoral care and of an open home with superb hospitality.’
- by Mr Brian Adams in memory of Mrs Phyl Morris

‘With love and prayers to those in need.’
- by David Smith in memory of Mrs Nesta Smith

‘Donation made by Plume Academy in memory of Mrs Sheila Bailey’
- by Cheryl Parrott in memory of Sheila Bailey

‘In memory of a dear Husband, Dad and Grandad xx’
- by Jill Jacobs in memory of R Dowle

‘This is half of the collection raised at the Thanksgiving Service for my father, John Askew, last Monday. The other half has been given to the charity Medecins Sans Frontieres. I would like to thank everyone that donated for their generosity.’
- by Julie

‘I just heard about Premier Praise partnering with Tear fund on Premier Praise Radio. Our Heavenly father has given me the desire to do this pledge to remind ourselves our Almighty GOD has no boundaries & He is merciful to everyone, even in the remotest corner of the world. I would love to make this donation in loving memory of my dearest earthly father, Varghese Kurien Methrail, who passed into His Glory in 2010.’
- by Jaya

‘In memory of a dearly beloved wife and mother. A friend of people throughout her life; lived in the love of her faith in her beloved Lord. Went through much suffering now "at home with the Lord" (died December 2015).’
- by Claire in memory of Rebecca Wharton

‘Thanksgiving service for mum generated this gift. Mum was passionate about practical help for those in need.’
- by Rachel in memory of Miriam Gullett

‘I'm passing on the love which you had for us and your Lord and Saviour.’
- by Wendy in memory of Margaret Scott

‘In memory of my mum who went home to Jesus on 22nd September 2018.’
- by Bertha in memory of Violet Robinson

‘In loving memory of Wendy Wilson.’
- by Christine

‘Taken to be with the Lord nine years ago today.’
- by Jackie in memory of Paul Sansom

‘In loving memory of Janet Champion.’
- by Mark

‘Phil was a very caring person who always wanted to help anyone in need.’
- by Barbara in memory of Philip Holland

‘It’s what they would have done, if they were still with us.’
- by Ron & Maureen in memory of ‘mum & dad’

‘In memory of my dearly loved brother Tom.’
- by Julie in memory of Tom Barker

‘This gift is from the sale of a car, and given to you, in memory of my Mum who was a good financial supporter and follower of Tearfund ’
- by Elwin in memory of Ruth Ward

‘Hi Mum and Dad, this gift is given to Tearfund in your name. If you had both been alive today, you would have given. I am just passing on the love you gave to me and my 6 siblings. You are greatly missed, and it is a pleasure to do this in your name, for those in need.’
- by Elwin

‘This money comes from the sale of a car, and is in memory of my Dad William Ward. He was a keen financial and overall supporter of Tearfund, and since he is now dead, I am doing this to honour him.’
- by Elwin in memory of William Ward

‘All my love darling Muriel.’
- by Andy

‘In memory of Cpl David Wilkinson my big brother, miss you always.’
- by Colleen in memory of David Wilkinson

‘Thank you.’
- by William in memory of Dr Angela Venters

‘May God bless and help these unfortunate people. Keep them strong, and hopeful.’
- by James in memory of Betty Campbell

‘My Mum & Dad were very keen supporters (financial & prayer) of Tearfund. So it’s because of them that I have such an interest in Tearfund too. It’s in memory of them & in tribute to their generous support of God’s work & the needy that I make this donation.’
- by Roselle in memory of Ruth & William Ward

‘In memory of an Aunt who was always friendly and welcoming. Knowing today you are with Jesus in paradise.
Lots of love to all the family left behind.’
- by Ann in memory of Irene Gillman

‘With love from Mary a long-time supporter of the work that Tearfund do.’
- by Stephen in memory of Mrs Mary Andrew

‘Loved and remembered every day, forever in my heart.’
- by Moira in memory of Mrs Mary O’Neill

‘In memory of Lish's many years of service to Indonesia, and now with her Lord.’
- by Trevor in memory of Alish Eves

‘Many fond memories of Audrey as I was growing up and as a very dear friend of our mother Mrs Jane Day.’
- by Jennie in memory of Audrey Platt

‘He was a great boss and a lovely man. He gave everyone as much time and attention as they needed. He was a very happy man and this rubbed off on everyone. You will be greatly missed. RIP.’
- by Angie in memory of Geoff Cole

‘We responded to your appeal at New Wine to fight to end extreme poverty.’
- by Christopher in memory of June Beford

‘Given with love.’
- by Lesley in memory of James Robinson

‘In memory of a loved one.’
- by Lesley in memory of Marjorie Robinson

‘From my late mother's collection of 20p pieces we have found.'
- by Steve in memory of Mary Andrew

‘In loving memory from Jean, Robert and Judy.’
- In memory of Pat Bedford

‘Thinking of you today on what would have been your Birthday!! by Lots of love your Accounts Team xx’
- In memory of Philip Hill

‘In grateful memory of a wonderful aunt and godmother.’
- by Nick in memory of Patricia Bedford

‘I was a colleague of Peter's for many years, and latterly I would often chat with him on his way to or from, or in, Eat, Drink and Be. He was a talented and caring person, with a great sense of humour, who made the world a better place. I will miss him’
- by Barbara in memory of Peter Dixon

‘I am donating today in memory of my dad who died 20 years ago. He was a very generous man who always shared what he had. I have always tried to emulate that trait. Thank you Tearfund for all you are doing to help those in need.’
- by Helen in memory of Robin Ashworth

‘'In memory of Geoff, a lovely guy who always had a smile and time to talk to everyone. Sending our love and thoughts to family and friends. With love from everyone at Clifton Canvas xxx’
- by by Jon in memory of Geoff Cole

‘In loving memory of my mother Florence Beresford.’
- by Gillian

'In fond memory of Geoff Cole of Burton Sweet, a great man and a huge loss.’
- From all at Ergochair Ltd.

‘In memory of Geoff Cole of Burton Sweet Accountants’
- by Claire

‘My ex-wife and I lost a child, so if this small donation helps that's great.’
- by Ian in memory of Soffie Nixon

‘Auntie Rella was a well-loved teacher who dedicated her life to the education and well-being of the children in her care. Her family have many happy memories of Auntie Rella who always put others before herself.’
- by Amanda in memory of Rella Jones

‘Let the little children come to me.’
- by Chris in memory of Sita Fenwick-Wilson

‘Peter was a very good friend over many years at Wilton.’
- by Brian in memory of Peter M Small

‘In memory of great-aunt Esmee McNeilly.’
- by Matthew

‘In memory of Joan, a very special lady, who will be sadly missed.’
- by Gill, Richard, Alison, Aino and Helmi in memory of Joan Parsons

‘In honour of a lovely and kind lady who was always easy to talk with and she will be missed xx Dean & Shane’
- In memory of Megan Pavitt

‘In memory of our beloved Aunty Nancy who always had a ready laugh and a great concern for the wellbeing of others. Love, Ruth’
- In memory of Nancy Piggott

‘In memory of Esmée McNeilly whose selfless generosity and Christian faith were such an inspiration.’
- by Mrs Phillips

‘In loving memory of a very dear friend.’
- by Maureen in memory of Megan Pavitt

‘With love always xx’
- by Claire & Ed in memory of Lena MacQuarrie

‘You are in our hearts and thoughts always.’
- by Lorraine in memory of Margaret White (nee Millar)

‘In memory of a dear sister and aunt who supported Tearfund.’
- by the Craig family in memory of Edith Watt

‘Mike's wife, Jean, who is my oldest friend, suggested that we donate to the Tearfund in his memory rather than send flowers to his funeral, and we are very happy to do that.’
- by Lesley in memory of Mike McVeigh

‘Thank you for being an inspiration and friend for so many years. You are much missed. With love Karl, Gillian and Esther x’
- In memory of Dewi Hughes

‘‘In memory of Steve Pashley’
from his friends at Long Crendon Baptist Church

‘Donated by members of Tewkesbury Ex Tablers Club.’
- In memory of Karen Moorcroft

‘In memory of Pat, Love Sally xx’
- In memory of Patricia Holland

‘In memory of Colin Crabe a much loved cousin. 30/11/33 to 3/03/18.’
- by Geoff

‘Much love Colleen'
- by Colleen in memory of Krysna Keysna

‘In memory of a much loved and much missed son and nephew.’
- by Robert in memory of Andrew Riden

‘For your love and happy memories - Thank you.’
- by Mr & Mrs Hammond in memory of Kathleen Ward

‘In memory of my truly wonderful, hugely missed Mum, on Mothers' Day. She was an amazing Christian woman, and an example to us all. She and Dad always supported Tear Fund.’
- by Karen in memory of Kathleen Roberts

‘If God is for us, who can be against us?’
- by Nicholas in memory of Robert Arthur Booth

‘In memory of mother.’
- by Winsome in memory of Carmen Green

‘Thank you Jesus.’
- by Ms Gardner in memory of Mikael Christ

‘In loving memory of Joyce Reid.’
-from her friends at Alverstoke Evangelical Church

‘Malcolm - so much loved in life, so much missed in death.’
- by Andrew in memory of Malcolm Winterburn

‘It was my mum's wish to donate to such a worthy cause. She was such a special lady who passed away so young.’
- by Claire in memory of Sandra Thwaites

In loving memory of my dear mother. Miss you so much.’
- by Julianah in memory of Iyabo Oniyide

‘In memory of Joan Stuart.’
- by Martin

‘In memory of David Pavitt.’
- by Dean & Shane

‘In memory of Susan Leslie.’
- by Tessa & Graham

‘In loving memory of Vida Bateman.’
- by Rosie, Gavin & family

‘Because Jesus Loves me.’
- by Loris in memory of Carlton Meikle

‘In memory of a lovely lady.’
- by Brenda in memory of Joyce Hayward

‘Thank you for being a friend.’
- by Michael in memory of Jim Haythorne

‘A great guy, sadly missed.’
- by Rita in memory of Christopher Hosier

‘My beloved dad, I miss you xxxx’
- by Georgina in memory of Andrew Brown

‘In Memory of a wonderful mother who gave me so much. Thank you.’
- by Joyce

‘A lovely lady and a life well lived.’
- by Robert in memory of Olwen Grundy

‘Remembering you Dad at Christmastime! xxx’
- by Val in memory of Albert Cole

‘Gail would have helped herself if she were able to.’
- by Lynn in memory of Gail Govinden

‘Good has to come from such sadness. Love you Daddy xxx’
- by Sheona in memory of Andy ODell

‘You have been such an inspiration to me and many others.’
- by Lisa in memory of David Pavitt

‘In memory of a kind, loving, mother & grandmother.’
- by R Lane in memory of Doreen Patricia Lane

‘With love, from the Thompsons in Canada, in memory of a great man.’
- by Lynda in memory of Peter Brown

‘In memory of my cousin Joan whose life was spent in helping others.’
- by Veronica in memory of Joan Preston

‘In memory of Rozana, a Tearfund supporter - love from Patience and Eric’
- in memory of Maria-Rozana Andronicou

‘In memory of Gordon who served faithfully at Tearfund fundraisers.’
- by Christine in memory of Gordon Whitworth

‘In loving memory of my Mum who died last year; to help someone live life better.’
- by Carol in memory of Mary Webber

‘In memory of a dear brother who was much loved. Rest in peace. Until we meet again.’
- by Dorothy in memory of John Craggs

‘In loving memory of John Fagan who cared and who now lives in the love and care of our heavenly Father, praise God.’
- by Julie

‘We are donating this money from a collection we held in our office for a colleague's father who sadly passed away.’
- by Richard

‘In memory of our dear friend and colleague in Glenwood Primary School. For a life well lived. Xx’
- by Mandy in memory of Adrian Coulter

‘In memory of Elizabeth - a stalwart Tearfund supporter for many years and co-worker in the gospel.’
- by John in memory of Elizabeth Bone

‘From the Master and Brethren of Chequered Cloth Lodge (No.5569) in memory of our dearly departed Brother.’
- by Mike in memory of John Jaffe

‘You’ve taken me to some good places Chris but this has got to top them all, I’m standing at your side son.’
- by Susan in memory of George McPherson

‘Remembering an affectionate mother and grandmother who held true to her Christian faith all her life!’
- by Deborah in memory of Rosemary Elizabeth Colwill

‘Remembering Mum/Grannie who instilled in all her family a love and respect for people of all nations and traditions.’
- by Fiona in memory of Jean Couper-Johnston

‘My parents were committed donors to Tearfund for many years and I would like to set up this donation in their memory.’
- by David in memory of Bill and Joan Benson

‘In memory of my beautiful Nan, always so full of love and missed so very much, especially at Christmastime! Your granddaughter, Claire xxx’
- in memory of Evelyn King

‘My father was a long term supporter of Tearfund and requested donations to Tearfund instead of flowers at his funeral yesterday.’
- by James in memory of Michael Batterham

‘We are giving this money in loving memory of Lily who has served Jesus all her life and her life has been devoted to telling others are our loving Saviour.’
- by Graham in memory of Lily Gower

‘Glen - a true 'child' of God. As he would say..."If you are worrying, you are not trusting". Loved by all at Hebron, loved by all at Lorne House. Irreplaceable.’
- by Jennet in memory of Glen Jeffries

‘May God bless my parents and keep them in his loving care and at peace. I ask God to help the people in the world who are suffering and are in need of his grace and blessings.’
- by Josephine in memory of Joseph and Moira Mullen Reynolds

‘In memory of our beloved Mum, Margaret Jaycock - who always put others before herself. Six years ago today, we lost darling Mum to this world. May you forever RIP and dance with God's angels. We miss you every day, God Bless XXXXXXXXXXX’
- by Sarah

‘We were honoured to serve with Pastor David over many years at Earlham Christian Centre Norwich, which he was instrumental in founding. His faithfulness was, and always will be, an inspiration to us. A good and faithful servant.’
- by Sandra in memory of David Pavitt

‘In memory of my beautiful niece who I only had the privilege to know for her first 17 weeks as she was terminally ill ... I love you and will never forget you. Will look after your Mummy and Daddy and big brother Ewan the best I can, especially this Christmas as we all miss you so much. Uncle Angus x’
- in memory of Anna Grant

‘This gift is part of the tithe from my share of my late Mother's estate, which I have recently received, giving me an opportunity to share this with a number of charities that we have supported for many years. My mum died in January 2016 at the age of 99 and was a compassionate and caring person throughout her life.’
- by Peter in memory of Madeline Hodges

‘My husband passed away in December 2017 at just 45 years of age, after a 4 year battle with throat cancer. He was keen to donate to Tearfund and as Christians we believe it is very important to help others as much as possible. I want to continue helping Tearfund because of that and because of the example my David has been to me. Xxx’
- by Lucy in memory of David Kelsall