The power of cricket(s)

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After a miraculous healing led her to faith, Chouma faced violent discrimination from her neighbours. But with a little help from some insects, she was able to unite her village.

Chouma* lives with her husband and daughter in a small village on the side of a mountain, near the border between Cambodia and Vietnam.

Chouma became a Christian when a few people from the local church prayed for healing from a sickness she’d had for many years. She was healed instantly, and has been attending the church ever since.

However, living as a Christian in this community wasn’t easy. She was verbally abused by her neighbours. On a few occasions, she even had stones thrown at her while she was worshipping.

Fun on the farm
A few years ago, Tearfund’s local partner started working with churches in the area. Through a series of Bible studies and workshops, they equipped Christians to be agents of positive change in their communities.

The Bible studies sparked something in Chouma. She helped coordinate a number of initiatives in the village, such as a savings group and chicken rearing. Yet it was insects, not poultry, that made the biggest impact.

Chouma set aside a corner of her house to raise crickets, which are a popular snack in Cambodia. With help from her pastor, Chouma had soon established a profitable cricket farm.

Seeing her success, other members of the community started visiting Chouma to learn about the business. Now, 25 families in the village are raising crickets.

Road to redemption
But Chouma didn’t stop there. The road to her village had been damaged for a long time – a big problem in such a remote area.

Chouma got her church members to pool their resources and buy some cement. The whole community is now united around the road repairs, which are being led by Chouma’s husband.

The village now see the Christians in an entirely different light, and Chouma is hoping that the church will continue to grow.


  • Pray for Chouma, that she will continue to be encouraged and strengthened in her faith.
  • Pray that God will continue to break down barriers in Chouma’s community.
  • Lift up our partners in Cambodia. Pray for God’s blessing of multiplication on their work.

*Name changed to protect identity.