Our vision

As a Christian charity, Tearfund believes that everyone has an amazing God-given potential to create change. We show people around the world how to unlock these gifts and put them to use escaping poverty. Many of our partners in this work are local churches, who discover how to offer their communities material and spiritual hope.


Ready to speak, ready to act

When disaster strikes, we are ready to respond. And we encourage men and women like you to speak out about issues that affect those affected by poverty. Join us as we empower millions more to end extreme poverty.



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2.5 million people empowered by your support to escape extreme poverty last year.



We’re working in over 50 countries to bring an end to extreme poverty.

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What we care about

Communities learning how to escape poverty

God creates all of us with incredible inner resources. Tearfund works with local churches and Christian organisations to unlock this potential – showing communities that, together, they can escape poverty.

Being ready when disaster strikes

Tearfund has over 50 years' experience of responding to disasters and crises. We serve the most vulnerable people and communities – wherever they are.

Changing laws and lifestyles

We work with supporters and partners to influence powerful decision-makers around the world. And we encourage everyone to alter their own lifestyles, as a way to love our neighbours.


Your money is in safe hands

Because we’re passionate about ending poverty, we are determined that every penny of your support is put to the best possible use.

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