ICS: Bangladesh
Departure dates: Jan and March 18
Application deadline: Apply asap to ensure a place
Pre-departure training:

Tearfund is offering you a chance to spend 12 weeks volunteering in Bangladesh with the Department for International Development (DFID) funded International Citizen Service (ICS). 

ICS is a development programme that brings together young people from the UK and developing countries to volunteer in some of the poorest communities in Africa and Asia. 

This is an amazing opportunity to experience another culture, challenge yourself and develop your potential while working on genuine development projects that will have a lasting impact.

ICS is for 18 - 25 year-olds. But we're looking for fantastic, Christian team leaders. So if you're 23 - 35, why not apply?

As ICS is led by VSO and funded by the UK government, ICS placements are only available for UK residents. If you live outside the UK, please consider our other programmes.
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As a Tearfund UK ICS volunteer you will get the chance work with our Tearfund partners on projects that have specifically requested the help of ICS teams as part of our wider Tearfund development programme in that community. So there's no doubt your contribution will make a difference.

And you won't be alone - you'll be part of a group from the UK and once you arrive in country, you'll be teaming up with other ICS volunteers from the country you're based in.

This is a great opportunity to learn from each other and share ideas to create a lasting impact. When you return home to the UK, we will support you to carry out a project to share what you've learnt and to encourage others to take action against poverty.

In Bangladesh we work with the garo baptist convention:

Tell me about the partner

The Garo Baptist Convention (GBC), in based in the Northern part of Bangladesh, close to the border with India. It’s a beautiful tropical area, with lots of fruit trees, brick and mud houses, and many rice fields.

The church has been working in this area for 126 years. The Garo Baptist Convention (GBC) is a church denomination and mainly works with the Garo people, a distinctive tribal people of Northern Bangladesh and the Megahaloya region of India.

Where will I be staying?

You will be staying in Birishiri or in Rangapara, 50 km away with a local family, your host home. Be prepared for a wonderful warm welcome and new ways of living. You’ll have bucket baths and most toilets will be pit latrines.  

Be prepared to eat tasty food and generous portions, but the food will be fried and you will be served similar/same food at meal times.

What could I be doing?

One of the primary goals for the Tearfund ICS programme in Bangladesh is to inspire local youth to action. The youth network is extensive and mirrors the church networks in Bangladesh, with lots of potential for action and engagement in community issues.

Previous ICS teams have gathered data through house-to-house surveys, interviews and focus groups, with the resulting conclusion that the most sustainable project for ICS volunteers to run is a youth entrepreneurship programme.

As a team you will be inviting young people in the community to join you on a leadership and enterprise course. You will learn how to deliver the course and go through the course material yourself. The aim of the course is to build confidence amongst the local young people and develop creativity for addressing community needs and issues. 

For the last few weeks of the course, the young people are encouraged to initiate a community initiative.

We can't guarantee that you'll get to go to Bangladesh, but by choosing Tearfund in your application, you'll guarantee a place with us.

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ICS developed my team-working, leadership, communication and decision-making skills

Amil Mair

Don’t be discouraged if you feel you are not making a big difference on you own, it’s a team effort and if everyone makes a small impact together big differences will be made.

Hayley Faulkner

I have become passionate about raising awareness of issues such as sex trafficking to all ages and groups of people

Emily Gregoriou
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