What our volunteers tell us...

We've been sending people overseas since 1972. In the past 12 months we've had 152 volunteers help 12 partner projects. Here’s what some of our volunteers have shared with us about their time overseas.

  • It only took one duck

    Beth Saunders spent three months volunteering in Tanzania. Here she shares how one duck has changed the life of an entire family. Read the short story or watch the video...

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  • Volunteer overseas with Tearfund in 2015

    How are you feeling about 2015

    Hopeful? Fearful? Excited? Or just bored?! Perhaps this is the year you finish school; graduate, or just keep on going…

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  • The UK team

    Finding myself in Bolivia

    I did ICS because I wanted to see what develoment looked like on the ground and I wanted do something worthwhile, give…

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  • Pile of coins

    8 Great Tips for Raising Money

    Taking a gap year sounds great right?! Especially if you feel that’s what God’s called you to do. That’s what I felt, I…

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  • Gap Yah Reality

    It’s October 2002, I’m 18 and finally heading to Sierra Leone. It’s taken me two years to raise £6,000 needed for my…

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  • How do you tell your story?

    This world we live in is super-connected. Last week I had coffee in London with a guy I used to mentor when I lived in…

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  • Heat that lasts

    Can I compare children to log-burning stoves?! See, I think there’re similarities: what you feed into the burner…

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  • ‘Amahoro’ in Matana

    ‘I was abandoned by my father. Being an orphan when I was a child, I used to think that I was not like other human…

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