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List of the main cookies used on our website

This is a list of the main cookies set by the Tearfund website, and what each is used for.

Name of cookie owner / service Associated cookies Description aso.net_sessionId This cookie enables essential functioning of our site and your secure use of it during your current visit only. This cookie is deleted when you close your browser.
Sitecore SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIE_, SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIE_Main Site, SC_ANALYTICS_SESSION_COOKIE, SC_ANALYTICS_SESSION_COOKIE_Main Site These cookies help us deliver personalised content to you and provide anonymous reports to us on how visitors use our site.
Cloudflare _cfduid Set by the CloudFlare service to identify trusted web traffic. It does not correspond to any user id in the web application, nor does the cookie store any personally identifiable information.
Tearfund mainsite#lang Set users preferred language version of the website.

Third party cookies set by Tearfund

We work with a number of third party suppliers who set cookies on our website to enable them to provide us with services. These cookies are mainly used for reporting and advertising purposes so that we can improve the way we communicate with our supporters and ensure the money we invest in online advertising is well spent.

More information about the main suppliers we use are listed below.

Name of cookie owner / service Associated cookies Description
Google Analytics _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmt, _utmz, _dc_gtm_UA, _ga, _gat, _gid, collect, _utmli _utma - Tracking Code that logs details about the visitor’s browser and computer.
_utmb - Collects data on the number of times a user has visited the website as well as dates for the first and most recent visit.
_utmc - Registers a timestamp with the exact time of when the user leaves the website.
_utmt - Used to throttle the speed of requests to the server.
_utmz - Collects data on where the user came from, what search engine was used, what link was clicked and what search time was used.
dc_gtm_UA - Used by Google Tag Manager to control the loading of a Google Analytics script tag.
_ga - Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.
_gat - Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate.
_gid - Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical ata on how the visitor uses the website.
Collect - Used to send data to Google Analytics about the visitor’s device and behaviour. Tracks the visitor across devices and marketing channels.
Google Adwords ads/ga-audiences, ads/user-lists/ Used by Google AdWords to re-engage visitors that are likely to convert to customers based on the visitor’s online behaviour across websites.
Vimeo Vuid Collects data on the user’s visits to the website, such as which pages have been read.
Facebook Fr Used by Facebook to deliver a series of advertisement products such as real time bidding from third party advertisers.
Youtube GPS, PREF, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, YSC GPS - Registers a unique ID on mobile devices to enable tracking based on geographical GPS location.
PREF - Registers a unique ID that is used by Google to keep statistics of how the visitor uses Youtube videos across different websites.
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE - Tries to estimate the user’s bandwidth on pages with integrated YouTube videos.
YSC - Registers a unique ID to keep statistics of what videos from YouTube the user has seen.
Google DoubleClick IDE Used by Google DoubleClick to register and report the website user’s actions after viewing or clicking one of the advertiser's ads with the purpose of measuring efficacy of an ad and to present targeted ads to the user.
Zopim _zlcmid, zte Saves a Zopim Live Chat ID that recognises a device between visits during a chat session.
Amazon Web Services AWSALB Manages web traffic and balances traffic load.
Adalyser __adal_ca, __adal_cw, __adal_id __adal_ca - Data stored: Traffic source / campaign data; Purpose: Store which advertising campaign drove a user to visit.
__adal_cw - Data stored: Visit timestamp; Purpose: Tie back conversion events to earlier visits.
__adal_id - Data stored: Device ID (generated); Purpose: Uniquely identify a device.
Hotjar _hjClosedSurveyInvites, _hjDonePolls, _hjMinimizedPolls, _hjDoneTestersWidgets, _hjMinimizedTestersWidgets, _hjIncludedInSample HotJar is a website analytics tool we use to see how our supporters are moving around our website and get feedback through surveys, so that we can improve their experience and help ensure they can find what they are looking for.

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Your privacy and peace of mind are important to us. We are committed to keeping your data safe. We only collect data from people for specific purposes and once that purpose has finished, we won’t hold on to the data.

For further information, including a full list of individual cookies, please see our privacy policy.

  • These cookies are necessary for the website to function and cannot be switched off in our systems.

  • These cookies allow us to measure and improve the performance of our site. All information these cookies collect is anonymous.

  • These allow for a more personalised experience. For example, they can remember the region you are in, as well as your accessibility settings.

  • These cookies help us to make our adverts personalised to you and allow us to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns.