Geena's story: Finding Hope In The Midst Of Trouble

When armed groups attacked her village, Geena and her children had to escape and flee. Surviving on very little, they had to stay hidden away in the bush for almost four months.

But since meeting Tearfund, Geena’s life, thankfully, has taken a very different direction.

Out of sight

Geena, 34 years old, is from the Mbaiki area in CAR. She has six children and one grandchild. Eight years ago, her husband fell ill and died from sickness.

Recalling that fateful day in March 2016 when armed groups stormed her village, Geena remembers running away into hiding. Sleeping on bamboo branches in the soil, and eating nothing but yams, roots and leaves, life was a continuous struggle.

Geena says, ‘We didn’t sleep on beds. And we didn’t even have blankets to put on us, that is why we consequently got sick later on.’

Starting afresh

Despite being afraid to go back to their village, Geena and her family did find the courage to return. They found that everything had been destroyed: the armed groups had ruined her crops and livelihood, killed the animals, demolished her house, and stolen their beds. It was devastating.

Tearfund staff came alongside Geena and helped her back on her feet again. Geena received agricultural training, and was given seeds and tools to start planting again; in three months, she grew a good harvest of corn and peanuts.

‘Right now, my children and my mother are all in the fields to harvest the peanuts our friends from Tearfund gave us,’ says Geena.

With a new life and renewed hope, Geena could finally start selling her produce and earn an income again.

Gratitude in abundance

Today, life for Geena is very different to those months hidden away in the bush. She has big plans for the future, including being able to rear livestock again so that she can raise enough money to send her children to school.

Geena says, ‘I want to give a lot of thanks. Let God give you strength over strength so that you could be always willing to help other people ahead.’

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Andrew Horton

Andrew is Online News and Film Editor for Tearfund. This involves finding and writing up inspiring articles for the website, and capturing compelling stories on video.