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Meet Debs

A small bake sale can have a big impact.

Tearfund | 10 Dec 2020

Bake Sale

Debs and her baking

A small bake sale can have a big impact.

Tearfund supporter Debs from Twickenham knows the power of a good cake. On a damp rugby match day in October, she decided to capitalise. Realising she’d get a good flow of people going past – she set up a stall in her front garden on a road to the stadium. Bunting and balloons abounded, of course.

Debs wasn’t afraid to be as visible and vocal as possible. With great gusto she proclaimed to the passing throngs: ‘Get your cupcakes here! 3 for the price of 2! Roll up, roll up!’... and the like.

It went well… Debs and her family raised a fantastic £200 exactly!

Debs has this advice for anyone who wants to do what she did: ‘Engage young people from your church to make your cake sale mobile – go and get the passing traffic – use big trays! Above all, enjoy the experience and smile lots - it's great fun!’

Cake is good, let’s face it. It brings people together, it’s fun to make, it tastes amazing. What great ideas can you come up with as you take on the Big Bake this year? We’d love to hear what you get up to!


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