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We want Tearfund to be a place where everyone feels welcome, respected, valued, treated fairly and that they belong here. Our aim is to empower everyone we work with to flourish, reach their god-given potential, and live life with dignity.

What is diversity and inclusion?

Diversity is about understanding and valuing our differences. It includes individual characteristics (age, race and ethnicity, gender, disability etc), as well as people’s different values, beliefs, experiences and behaviours.

Inclusion recognises that these differences have led to imbalances of power and therefore seeks to create an environment in which everyone is treated fairly and respectfully. Where all people feel valued, and have equal access to resources, opportunities and power to influence and make decisions, regardless of their different ages, races, beliefs, genders etc.

Diversity and inclusion resources

We are committed to ensuring diversity and inclusion remains at the heart of Tearfund’s work both internally and externally and want to invite you to understand how this relates to what we do.

We have created some resources to help you explore what diversity and inclusion means. These can be used individually, in your church, workplace or with your family. We have also included a guide to help you respond to racial injustice which contains Bible studies, a resource list and prayer.

We will be updating this page with further resources so please do check back periodically for updates.


Include and value each other: a biblical reflection

This reflection on John 4:1-42 includes a video, study and discussion questions to help you and your group explore how to intentionally include and value those around you.