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We are in a climate emergency. More people are going hungry, extreme weather events are more severe and communities are being displaced. People are being pushed back into poverty and the damage to creation is accelerating.

As we contemplate the scale of the crisis, it’s important we keep our eyes fixed on the God of justice, who loves creation and brings restoration and peace – and help our friends and family to do the same. Will you join us in praying about poverty and climate?

Our SMS alerts will let you know when we have updated the prayer prompt here to inspire prayers for justice and restoration for those living in poverty.  

Today's prayer

17 November 2022

Negotiators at COP27 are working on the final agreement of the climate talks, which is what all participating nations will collectively commit to. An early draft of the text was released this morning, comprising a long list of elements but with little coherence or overall vision. Crucially, it did not include a proposal to phase out all fossil fuels, and does not include concrete commitments on funding for losses and damages suffered by climate-vulnerable nations. 

Speaking about the draft text in the Guardian today, Tearfund’s Senior Policy Associate Fred Njehu said the ‘text in its current form will fail to bring justice to those suffering the worst effects of the climate crisis.’ 

  • Pray for stronger language in the final text, that it will include ambitious goals to phase out fossil fuels and to scale up investment in renewable energy.
  • Pray that the final agreement includes more specific language and a clearer roadmap for funding for loss and damage. 
  • Pray for negotiators who are working hard to deliver these outcomes; may they communicate with boldness and courage in these final talks.


Previous prayers

15 November 2022

Today was ‘Energy Day’ at COP27, and there are plenty of ways to pray in response to the conversations about energy and in the lead up to the final days of negotiations.

  • Pray that world leaders will listen to African activists and experts, who are making it clear that expanding gas in Africa will harm people’s health and livelihoods. Pray that governments commit to investing in renewable energy instead, which will help meet climate targets, create green jobs and transform the lives of people in poverty.
  • At COP26, 39 countries and institutions signed the Glasgow Statement to end international public support for fossil fuels. Pray that more countries sign the Statement this year, committing to ending funding for fossil fuels, and that those who have signed implement this pledge.
  • Pray that a phase out of fossil fuels will be in the final text of the COP27 agreements, and that the outcomes of this COP will usher in a cleaner, brighter future for those in climate-vulnerable nations.
  • As we approach the final days of COP, pray that more world leaders will take bold and courageous steps forward, and that we will see stronger commitments coming from wealthy nations.

11 November 2022 

Tomorrow is the Global Day of Action during COP27, when thousands of people – including Christians and churches  – are expected to join a mass mobilisation around the UK and across the world, calling for climate action. Please join us in praying for this movement.

  • Pray for an increase in awareness and action to tackle climate change. Pray that the church will be encouraged to be even more involved in climate action.
  • Lift up the climate marches. Ask that people and churches who have never engaged in a march do so and that it makes a difference.

9 November 2022

Today was day four, and 'Finance Day' at COP27. Here is an update from the day, and how you can pray.

  • So far we've seen little new cash on the table to support countries to respond to the climate crisis. In a year when we’ve seen unprecedented floods, droughts and storms, this is more important than ever. Pray for climate-vulnerable countries’ calls to be heard, for climate finance promises to be kept and more support put forward.
  • Thank God for the boldness and faithfulness of activists at COP27 and those around the world. Pray that God will protect them, and renew their strength, joy and hope as they continue to pursue God’s justice for those on the frontlines of the crisis. 

6 November 2022

COP27 begins today! As world leaders gather for the UN climate talks, please join us in covering the next two weeks in prayer. We’ll share regular prayer points to guide your prayers.

  • Pray that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and other world leaders would have boldness and integrity, and that they would be convicted to turn words into actions. Pray that these talks result in meaningful change for our global neighbours living in poverty.
  • With this being an African COP, pray that the voices of climate-impacted African communities (and others on the frontline of the climate crisis) would be heard and  influence change. Ask that God will speak powerfully through them.

27 October 2022

With another huge change in the UK Government – and as we approach the UN climate talks (COP27), in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt from 6–18 November – this is an important moment to pray for stability and integrity in our leadership.

Join us in praying for the new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as he takes up office, and for leaders in the UK Government in the run-up to COP27 in less than two weeks’ time. Let’s also give God thanks for the hundreds of Christians who recently got involved in our Send a Coin action, calling on the former Prime Minister Liz Truss to deliver on climate finance.

Pray for the UK Government and COP27

  • Pray for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, that the Lord would bless and guide him in his new role. Pray that the new leaders in the Cabinet will make decisions for the long-term benefit of all.
  • Pray for strong leadership and integrity in the UK Government in the lead up to and at COP27 from 6 November. Pray they would turn words to action and deliver on their promises of climate finance to low-income countries.
  • Praise God for the hundreds of supporters who took our Send a Coin action to remind the former Prime Minister Liz Truss of the overdue climate finance bill. Ask that the new UK Government will be moved by this powerful endorsement from the public.
  • Pray for the church in the UK, for the thousands of Christians who continue to use their voice to speak up for climate justice and for those joining the marches on Saturday 12 November – that they would be encouraged, and that their calls would be heard by the decision-makers and leaders.

As well as praying, you can also march for climate justice in locations across the UK on Saturday 12 November.

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Other ways to pray for the climate

There are so many ways to pray for the climate crisis. Here are two prayer networks we love and recommend:

  • Climate Intercessors is a new network of people learning to pray prayers that are as real and urgent as the climate crisis. They meet each month on zoom and we regularly join them to pray:
  • Sign up for informative monthly emails from Pray and Fast for the Climate, and be part of a movement of people praying each month for change.
  • Prayer in the Park. You can use our Prayer in the Park guide to lift up prayers for the climate in your local park or outdoor space. Join in whenever you like, alone or with others. 

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