Please join us in praying for South Sudan

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Please join us in praying for South Sudan. Last Saturday marked five years since the country became independent from Sudan after years of civil war. However just 18 months later, new waves of fighting broke out between supporters of the president and the vice president and thousands were displaced or killed.

Although a peace agreement was signed last year, clashes broke out again last week, just before the anniversary of independence. Hundreds of lives have already been lost since then and thousands have been displaced. This will exacerbate the already desperate situation of food shortages in the country. A fragile ceasefire put in place by the political leaders has been holding this week in Juba, but the situation remains extremely tense.

Dear Lord,
We lift up to you the nation of South Sudan. Please turn people’s hearts towards each other at this desperate time when divisions are so damaging. Let love abound in communities who have known so much hatred and strife. We pray that the political leaders will be supported and encouraged to lay aside their differences and work for the good of the people of South Sudan. Please give them the great wisdom needed to enable them to stabilise the country and secure justice, peace and reconciliation for the South Sudanese people.

Lord, please be close to all those affected by the recent violence. We ask that those who have been displaced will have their needs provided and their lives restored to some normality in the days ahead. Please open up provision for all those without access to food across the country.

Lord, may the church continue to be a voice and beacon for peace and reconciliation. Please strengthen the church to persevere in reaching out to the most vulnerable and meeting people’s practical needs.

Lastly, we pray with hope that this time next year South Sudan will be able to truly celebrate six years of independence and a year of justice, peace and restoration. In your name we ask it, Amen.

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