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At first glance, Raichand Menghwar school in Mirpurkhas, Pakistan may seem like any other busy, vibrant and much-needed village school. But, at one time, its chances of survival looked bleak.

For 35-year-old Rajab Malik*, he is a man with a mission. Determined to give every child in his community the chance of an education, he set up a school in his local community hall. ‘I don't want the children of my community to work all day in fields. I want them to be educated,’ he explains. But despite 50 children enrolling, numbers quickly dwindled and many families were unable to pay the fees.

Pep talk
Rajab’s mission looked destined to fail until, one day, Rajab discovered that two children from his community attended a different school, 12 miles away. This school was assisted by the Primary Education Project (PEP), a Tearfund-supported organisation. After finding out more about how PEP schools were run, Rajab decided to meet with them in the hope of finding a solution for his own flailing school.

PEP helped Rajab establish a formal school within his community and, after completing their teacher training course, Rajab qualified as a PEP teacher in 2013. His qualification brought him new-found confidence from his community and financial support started flowing in. As a result, Rajab was able to build Raichand Menghwar school.

Mission complete
Today, Rajab has achieved his mission and more. Although his motivation was education, his school has had a far wider-reaching impact: in an area with many cultural and religious tensions, the school has united the village. ‘The landlord of my village has been very supportive,’ explains Rajab. ‘The landlord is proud of the school.’

*Name changed to protect identity.


  • Praise God for visionaries like Rajab and the time, commitment and energy they give to transform their communities.

  • Lift up Raichand Menghwar school and ask God for continued blessings.

  • Pray that more of Pakistan’s children, regardless of religion, race and gender, would receive a quality education.

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