Ruth was in need of a breakthrough

Ruth, married with five children, lives in a poor community in Nigeria. ‘Life in my community is sometimes good, sometimes difficult,’ she says. Food is scarce, harvests are poor and her family often go for months without enough food. Her children have fallen behind at school, and Ruth’s only source of income is to collect firewood to sell.

‘Not having enough food for my children is a real problem.’


It all starts with a bean

But, when Tearfund partner Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) started working in Ruth’s community, life began to change. Through a church and community transformation programme, Ruth learnt better farming techniques and how to diversify her crops. She says, ‘I have planted groundnut and guinea corn. If you plant one bean, you can harvest 80.’

‘Pray that God will help so there is a change.’

Life on the up

Armed with new skills and knowledge, Ruth hopes to transform her life – she wants to send her children to school and buy a metal roof for the house. She says, ‘The self-help group has increased my faith. It has helped me to pray. I really thank God and I want to earn enough to give an offering to God. Without God, you can do nothing.’

Your gift is powerful in God's hands.
£6 could help someone to receive livelihood training for one month.
£6 a month, for a year, could provide livelihood training for one person.

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