Sylvia had nothing left

Sylvia is over 100 years old. In her lifetime, she’s suffered great loss, including the death of her husband and all four of their children. When violence descended on her Nigerian village, she had to flee. Her home was burned down, her personal belongings and livestock all destroyed. Everything was lost. Sylvia recalls, ‘We were running for our lives.’

‘All of my things were destroyed, everything I own.’


A helping hand and a place to rest

After being in hiding for four days, Sylvia and her grandchildren were rescued and taken to a nearby camp. A Tearfund partner helped them with emergency supplies and gave them food, soap, and even a mattress to sleep on. Sylvia says, ‘I was happy I was given these things.’

‘My house has been burned down, but at least I can sleep on a mattress.’

Hope for the future

Despite the tragic events, Sylvia tries to maintain a positive outlook. Her prayer is that she will be able to provide for her grandchildren. She wants to be able to send them to school and have a house where they can live together. She says, ‘God protected us and brought us here. [I] pray God will open doors that these things will come to pass.’

Your gift is powerful in God's hands.
£10 could provide five households with sanitary kits and soap.
£6 a month, for a year, could provide 36 households with sanitary kits and soap.

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