• Branded plastic waste: Coca-cola and Pepsi bottles among other plastic waste.

    A chance for a less rubbish world

    Plastic pollution has a devastating impact on people living in poverty, and all of creation. In early-November, the UK parliament is considering new commitments to reduce plastic pollution that could pave the way for global change. Please join us in speaking up and praying.

  • 'Continuing still...' – the legacy of Mary Topham

    Mary Topham wrote poetry. She could wake up in the morning and just have a whole poem already in her mind – gloriously full of Christian faith and encouragement.

  • Home schooling as a refugee

    As schools closed due to the pandemic, many homes around the world became classrooms, and parents became teachers. Aleyna, a refugee from…

  • Group of young men carrying water buckets Photo credit: Stewart Muchapera/ Tearfund

    Let it flow

    A Tearfund local partner in Zimbabwe is helping people access clean water after a severe drought dried up wells and reservoirs.

  • A Tearfund nutrition clinic. Photo: Kuajien Bil/Tearfund

    Going further than food

    In a world of plenty, no one should be going hungry. And yet, many people still don’t have enough food to feed their families. The World…

  • Pandemic or poverty?

    Millions of people living in poverty around the world were struggling to survive before the coronavirus pandemic began. Now, they are not…

  • Fertile and infertile prayers

    Peter Shaw, Editor of Tear Times, reflects on how a trip to Peru with Tearfund shaped his prayer life and helped him to be even more…

  • New life is a precious gift

    Refugees are some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Yet too often they face barriers which make them unable to access healthcare. In…