• Fifty years, fifty countries: Lebanon

    Lebanon is home to a rich diversity of ethnic and religious groups. Unfortunately, this has meant that it has also experienced a significant amount of civil conflict, while at the same time playing host to many refugees: one in four people in Lebanon is now a Syrian refugee. Tearfund has been working in Lebanon since early 2013, in response to the refugee crisis caused by the conflict in Syria.

  • Woman Holding Baby

    Fifty years, fifty countries: Kenya

    Kenya is a nation of contrasts. On the one hand there is the country’s incredible natural beauty, thriving tourism industry and modern development; on the other hand, there is drought, hunger and poverty.

  • Esperande

    Stepping away from the silence

    'I am more empowered – a beautiful woman.' The unbelievably simple idea from South Africa that has just netted Tearfund an award.

  • Man wearing hat holds baby

    The dad who dared to be different

    Gordien is easy to spot at the emergency feeding centre, as he’s the only man. There are pregnant women, new mums, grandmas, aunts and many, many children and babies… and there is Gordien. Sure, there are a couple of men observing from a distance, but Gordien is the only one taking part, with his little daughter, Donate, in his arms.

  • East Africa update July 17

    Establishment of Tearfund USA

    Tearfund USA, a Christian relief and development agency combating global poverty and injustice, announces that the Board of Directors has…

  • Plant-based power

    Plant-based power!

    Join the millions choosing meat-free this summer.

  • Sing a new song

    ‘There are many cases of sexual violence here,’ says Amani. ‘Men force women to have sex without consent. So we sing songs about that.’