• Steve's top lifestyle tips

    Hi, I'm Steve is going to be sharing his top lifestyle tips and things he's learnt from my his own journey so far.

  • Siret

    Bread from Heaven

    How another Nazareth – Nazareth in Ethiopia – has been the source of another kind of good news... I peer into darkness. I’m trying to see…

  • Don't let anything hold you back

    By Emily Owen, following a chat with some of Tearfund’s amazing over-65s volunteers. What struck me most about Julie is what a deep thinker…

  • HIV positive women from NEWPU

    Cornerstones of peace

    When Evelyn from South Sudan discovered she had contracted HIV she thought her life was over. However, she has learned that she – along with others living with the virus – have an important role to play. A role as peacemakers.

  • A tissue of truth

    Arriving in the Rohingya camps in February this year, it was hard to get a sense of scale. We knew that more than 700,000 people had fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar since August 2017. But to picture it, we needed to get higher...

  • Expect redemption

    When you are acutely aware of the suffering of the world, it is easy to lose heart at the magnitude of the world’s problems. How do you keep going?

  • 2019: Prayer Focus

    Nigel Harris, Tearfund’s CEO, encourages us to keep praying as the new year begins.

  • Alpona floor decoration

    A Bangladeshi new year

    Whether you’re loudly singing Auld Lang Syne or dropping icecream on the floor (it’s a thing in Switzerland), everyone loves a New Year…

  • Open hand holding petals

    Praying it back to you

    Recently we sent out an email to our supporters, with the subject line: ‘How can we pray for you?’ We’d expected a large response. However, we were caught off guard...