• Indonesia Tsunami

    Indonesian churches respond amid tsunami destruction

    More than 1,400 people are so far confirmed to have died, and more than 70,000 people displaced, when a six-metre-high tsunami hit Palu on Friday 28 September. The death toll is expected to continue to rise.

  • Fifty years, Fifty Countries: Rwanda

    Rwanda is still remembered for the terrible genocide of 1994, when the Hutu people slaughtered the Tutsi people with an estimated 800,000 deaths, that’s around 70 per cent of the Tutsi population...

  • Rhoda cooking

    The untold story

    A recent trip to Tanzania for Sarah from the Tearfund Action team showed her how having access to renewable energy is about much more than solar panels.

  • The good life

    What is ‘the good life’ and how do we live it? Enough to eat? The chance to rest from our toil? ‘Yes’ and ‘yes again’ says Richard Lister,…

  • From Croydon to Bolivia

    ‘What we found in Bolivia was that there is abject poverty right next to extreme affluence,’ says Chris, a 26-year-old youth worker from Croydon...

  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Philippines

    The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country made up of more than 7,000 islands in the Western Pacific. Because of its location in the Pacific Ring of Fire and being close to the equator, it’s prone to earthquakes, volcanoes and typhoons.

  • Peace through forgiveness

    Today is the International Day of Peace. Much of the world seems mired in violence – yet God’s light can break through even in the darkest situations. One of our partners in Lebanon is using the power of forgiveness to spread peace among Syrian refugees and the Lebanese community.